The Departmental Evaluation Committee (DEC) is an NRCan governance committee chaired by the Deputy Minister. This document provides the Terms of Reference under which the DEC operates.


The DEC makes recommendations to the Deputy Minister on all evaluation activities of the Department.

The Committee:

  • reviews and recommends for approval by the Deputy Minister, a departmental Evaluation Plan developed by the Head of Evaluation;
  • reviews key elements of an evaluation, such as the proposed Terms of Reference and the process for selecting contractors, and makes recommendations to the Deputy Minister for approval;
  • reviews final evaluation reports, including management responses and action plans, and recommends approval to the Deputy Minister;
  • ensures follow-up to action plans approved by the Deputy Minister;
  • reviews the adequacy of resources allocated to the evaluation function and recommends to the Deputy Minister an adequate level of resources consistent with the departmental evaluation plan;
  • reviews the adequacy of resources allocated to performance measurement activities as they relate to evaluation, and recommends to the Deputy Minister an adequate level of resources for these activities; and
  • reviews the performance of the evaluation function, and recommends action to address any weaknesses.


In the absence of the Deputy, the Associate Deputy Minister may act as Chair.
Substitutes for ADMs are not permitted.

ADMs who are not members of the Committee will be invited to attend Committee meetings to discuss items for which they are responsible.

Secretariat: Strategic Evaluation Division, SPI.


Quorum for DEC meetings shall consist of four members: the Deputy or Associate Deputy as Chair; and three other members.

To achieve quorum when an ADM member cannot attend, an ADM who is not a regular member of the Committee may be invited to participate.


Meetings will take place at least three times per year, at the call of the Chair.

Presentations by the Head of Evaluation

When appropriate, the Head of Evaluation will provide advance information (e.g., preliminary findings) to the DEC in advance of the tabling of a report.

As instructed by DEC, the Head of Evaluation will make regular presentations to the Executive Committee and other departmental committees (e.g., to present the Evaluation Plan, key findings and lessons learned).

Operating Procedures

Operating procedures are described in the annex to these Terms of Reference and may be amended upon approval of the Chair.


Secretariat Duties

  • Prepare committee meeting agendas.
  • Schedule meetings and ensure quorums.
  • Prepare a scenario note for the Chair.
  • Prepare and distribute materials for meetings.
  • Prepare records of decision and track action items and follow-up activities.
  • Share Deputy-approved agendas and records of decision with Members of the Executive Committee.

Approval of Agenda and Materials

  • The Head of Evaluation will submit the proposed agenda and materials to the Chair for approval.

Distribution of Meeting Materials

  • Once authorized by the Chair, materials will be distributed to DEC members.
  • The target is to distribute materials at least ten working days prior to meetings.


  • Meetings will be held in both official languages.