Act and Regulations

The Explosives Safety and Security Branch (ESSB) of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is responsible for administering the Explosives Act and regulations and pursuing the advancement of explosives safety and security technology. ESSB's main priority is the safety and security of the public and all the workers involved in the explosives industry in Canada.

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Within ESSB, the Explosives Regulatory Division (ERD) provides services and support to the members of the explosives industry including manufacturers, transporters, importers, sellers and users of explosives.

CanmetCERL (Canadian Explosives Research Laboratory) conducts science and technology research related to the safety and security of explosives.

The Explosives Act requires anyone working with explosives to have a licence, certificate or permit issued by the Minister of Natural Resources. The main exception are the use of explosives and some storage activities, which are regulated provincially, as well as the use of some low–hazard explosives, some low hazard pyrotechnic devices, sporting ammunition and consumer fireworks.

As of 2008, sellers of explosives precursor chemicals, or restricted components, are required to be enrolled in a program administered through the Explosives Act.

As of 2009, the explosives user fees are in effect.

The Explosives Act covers much more than just blasting explosives. It covers also fireworks, pyrotechnics, propellant powders, ammunition, rocket motors and restricted components.

Further information is available on New Explosives Regulations, Explosives Security Partnership and Precursor Outreach.