Explosives Offices

Explosives Regulatory Division

The Explosives Regulatory Division (ERD) aims to protect the safety and security of Canadians and all workers involved in the explosives industry in Canada. The Division ensures that manufacturers, importers, exporters, and vendors of explosives, as well as those who store explosives, comply with Canada’s Explosives Act and Regulations. The Act covers:

  • Blasting explosives
  • Fireworks
  • Pyrotechnics (special effects)
  • Ammunition
  • Propellant powders

The Division works to keep explosives and explosive precursors, such as ammonium nitrate, out of the hands of criminals and terrorists. To accomplish this, it authorizes and licenses the use of explosives and oversees a compliance inspection and restoration program.

Division headquarters are located in Ottawa with regional offices in Varennes (Eastern Region), Ottawa (Central Region), Calgary (Western Region) and Vancouver (Pacific Region).


580 Booth Street, 10th Floor
Ottawa ON  K1A 0E4
Tel: 613-948-5200
Fax: 613-948-5195

Pacific Region: British Columbia and Yukon

1500 - 605 Robson St.
Vancouver BC  V6B 5J3
Tel: 604-666-0366
Fax: 604-666-0399

Western Region: Alberta, Saskatchewan and Northwest Territories

3303 33 Street NW
Calgary AB T2L 2A7
Tel: 403-292-4766
Fax: 403-292-4689

Central Region: Ontario and Manitoba

580 Booth Street, 10th Floor
Ottawa ON  K1A 0E4
Tel: 343-292-8740
Fax: 613-948-5195

Eastern Region: Quebec, Nunavut and Atlantic Provinces

1615 Lionel Boulet Blvd., PO Box 4800
Varennes QC J3X 1S6
Tel: 450-652-0703
Fax: 450-652-4225

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