Boreal forest
Learn about Canada’s boreal forest from key facts, a map of the North American boreal zone, the latest research and recent publications.

Deforestation: Key facts
Get the facts about forest landuse in Canada and what deforestation really means.

Current lumber, pulp and panel prices
Track weekly prices for softwood lumber, pulp and panel products.


Forest fires
Explore forest fire maps and learn about forest fire behaviour, forest fire management, and tools to identify current fire locations and forest fire danger levels across Canada.

Overview of Canada’s forest industry
Find economic and employment information about Canada’s forest sector and learn how the industry is changing.

Forest change
Find information about the impacts of climate change on Canada’s forests and on how to adapt to changing climate conditions.


State of Canada’s Forests report
Read the latest report about Canada’s forests, including information on harvesting, fire and insect impacts, employment and deforestation.

Sustainable forest management
Find out how forest ownership, laws, certification, management and planning support sustainable forest management in Canada.

About the Canadian Forest Service
Find employee contact information. Learn about the Canadian Forest Service, research centres and careers.



Rosemary Rock, Jasper National Park.

Canada’s strict forest laws
Find out how Canada’s strong system of forest laws, monitoring and enforcement ensures sustainable forest management across the country.

Emerald ash borer

Insects and diseases
Access tools and information to help identify and monitor native and invasive forest insects and diseases in Canada.

Map of Canada's ecozones

Forestry research, data and statistics
Access Canadian Forest Service science, research, publications and statistical information. Learn about our research activities that support sustainable forest management.