The Canadian Forest Service (CFS) is the national and international voice for the Canadian forest sector. It is part of Natural Resources Canada, a federal government department.

The CFS provides science and policy expertise and advice on national forest sector issues, working in close collaboration with the provinces and territories.

Today, the CFS is pursuing its vision of a robust, globally competitive forest sector firmly underpinned by healthy, productive and sustainable forests. Achieving this vision is critical to ensuring the long-term economic success of the sector and the sustainable management of this important renewable resource.


An innovative, globally competitive forest sector—rooted in sustainable forests—creating prosperity for Canadians.

Strategic priorities:
Support forest sector competitiveness
Facilitate the transformation of Canada’s forest sector by supporting the development of new forest products, fostering a culture of innovation, and opening a diverse range of international markets.

Optimize forest value
Improve the well-being of Canadians by making the most of the wide range of benefits that sustainable forests bring to industry, communities and Canadians.

Advance environmental leadership
Advance the environmental performance of Canada’s forest sector and the sustainable development of forests by providing ecosystem science and information.

The State of Canada's Forests: Annual report 2014