Infographic: Canada's forests by numbers

Canada has nearly 9% of the world’s forests, and we manage it sustainably.

In this infographic see: how much of Canada’s forest is protected; certified as sustainably managed; affected by fire and insects; harvested; and planted or artificially seeded - and how little is deforested.



Text version

Key facts about Canada’s forests illustrated in an infographic composed of eight circles of different sizes and colours showing: (1) 347 million hectares of forest; (2) 166 million hectares of forest independently certified as sustainably managed; (3) 24 million hectares of protected forest; (4) 20.3 million hectares of forest damaged by insects; (5) 3.9 million hectares of forest burned by forest fires; (6) 0.72 million hectares of forest harvested; (7) 0.41 million hectares artificially regenerated on provincial Crown lands; (8) 0.03 million hectares of forest deforested.