Canadian Wood Fibre Centre

Who we are

The Canadian Wood Fibre Centre (CWFC) is a branch of the Natural Resources Canada–Canadian Forest Service (NRCan-CFS), with employees located across the country. Part of the CWFC’s mandate is to provide wood fibre research expertise to FPInnovations, a leader in the forest research sector.

Linking the three organizations – CWFC, CFS and FPInnovations – this way brings the federal government’s priorities together with the Canadian forest sector’s research needs. Within this structure, the CWFC’s goal is to develop targeted, effective and environmentally responsible solutions to challenges faced by Canada’s forest sector industries.

Our projects

A major focus for CWFC staff is work identified by FPInnovations under the Resource Assessment Program, where research is underway in two areas:

  1. Resource characterization: Enhanced forest inventory systems (current forests)
    Resource characterization research focuses on developing forest inventory and evaluation tools and techniques that enable the main fibre attributes of Canada's forests to be more accurately quantified, assessed and understood.

    Collaboration with provincial governments, academia, consultants and forest companies ensures that funds are used to maximum advantage and aimed at finding practical solutions to important forest sector needs. Research activities underway include: developing tools to enable the semi-automated identification of tree species; improving the resolution of enhanced forest inventories; developing predictive productivity models; improving our understanding of wood fibre characteristics; and characterizing woody residuals for economical harvest, conversion and utilization.

  2. Resource production: Innovative technologies for producing wood fibre with desirable attributes (future forests)
    Resource production research focuses on developing and implementing innovative technology to help produce an improved supply of wood with desirable fibre attributes. Research is underway in three main areas: 1) developing forest genomics tools to identify genetic markers; 2) developing and refining conifer somatic embryogenesis systems and their use in multi-varietal forestry; and 3) developing tools and management regimes for short-rotation woody crops. This research area relies on strong collaboration with provincial governments and the industrial sector to ensure effective and rapid uptake of innovations while using all funds to maximum advantage.

    Examples of current research initiatives include:

Our link to the Forest Innovation Program

The CWFC’s work is directly supported by the Forest Innovation Program (FIP), which was established to advance research, development and technology transfer activities in Canada’s forest sector. Together, these activities are intended to help the sector pursue its ongoing transformation through the adoption of emerging technologies ready for commercialization.

The Forest Innovation Program (FIP)–Canadian Wood Fibre Centre (CWFC) is not currently accepting applications for funding.