Unpaid internships at the Laurentian Forestry Centre

The Laurentian Forestry Centre (LFC) of the Canadian Forest Service (CFS) located in Quebec City, Quebec, accepts students at the secondary, college and university levels who, as part of their training to obtain a diploma, must complete an unpaid internship in a work environment.

Laboratory work at the LFC

Laboratory work at the LFC

Please note that all unpaid internships are complete until September 2017.

How to apply for an internship?

You must provide the following documents and information at least three (3) months before the internship begins:

  • Complete postal coordinates of the trainee with an e-mail address if possible;
  • Letter of intent;
  • Letter of recommendation from the institution;
  • Curriculum vitae;
  • List of courses taken and the grade results of the courses taken during the current year and the previous year;
  • Duration of the internship (start and finish);
  • Description of the research area the candidate is interested in and why.

Following the reception of these documents, your application will be submitted to the scientists involved in the specified research area. If your request is accepted by one of our scientists, we will then contact you to confirm your acceptance.

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Guidelines for internships at the LFC

Laboratory work at the LFC Insectarium

Laboratory work at the LFC Insectarium

Responsibilities of the trainee - Documents that must be provided upon reception of the letter of acceptance:

  • Internship agreement established by the institution;
  • A letter of attestation or a document of acknowledgement issued by a notable or police department of your country stating that you do not have a criminal record;
  • Work permit (even for unpaid internships);
  • Sufficient insurance coverage (civil responsibility, medical care, medication, work-related accidents) - written proof of this coverage must be sent by fax or presented at the time of your arrival.

Responsibilities of the internship supervisor:

  • Fill in a "notice of stay" form;
  • Set work objectives with the trainee;
  • Plan various tasks;
  • Supervise their execution;
  • Make a written evaluation of the trainee's skills and abilities;
  • Defray costs related to field or laboratory work for the trainee;
  • Authorize travel expenses related to work.

Trainee's report:

A typed report, the scientific content of which will be determined by the internship supervisor, must be submitted to the latter and to the research directors for approval before the end of the internship.

An evaluation will be prepared by the internship supervisor and signed by the research directors.

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With regard to accommodations, the following is a list of homeowners who have rooms to rent in private homes, and the contact information for Université Laval’s Student Housing Services. The approximate cost of rent is $80 CAN per week. The student will also be responsible for reserving the room or rental unit.

List of rooms for rent in private homes located near the Laurentian Forestry Centre

Mr. Jean A. Bérubé
739 des Vignes
Québec, Qc G1V 2Y1
Phone (office): 418-648-7174
Phone (house): 418-653-7321
E-mail: jean.berube@canada.ca

Ms. Anita Lamarre and Mr. Jean-Paul Lamarre
1045 de la Loire
Quebec, QC G1V 2Z6
Phone: 418-654-1215
E-mail: lamarre.jeanpaul@videotron.ca

Mr. Maurice Lebon
2830, rue de Montarville
Quebec, QC G1W 1V3
Phone (cellular): 418-571-2258
Phone (house): 418-651-8729
E-mail: maurice.lebon@canada.ca

Ms. Colette Nadeau
1044 de la Loire
Quebec, QC G1V 2Z5
Phone: 418-658-9493
Fax: 418-650-0388
E-mail: coconad2005@yahoo.ca

Mr. Patrick O'Donnell
2005 chemin Ste-Foy
Quebec, Qc G1V 1R1
Phone (office): 418-648-7095
Phone (house): 418-208-6688
E-mail: pat.odonnell@hotmail.com

Mr. Guy Paquin
1054 rue Grenoble,
Quebec, Qc G1V 2Z9,
Phone (cellular): 418-575-0748
Phone (house): 418-658-7786
E-mail: guy.paquin@videotron.qc.ca

Mr. Michel Picard
1021 de la Loire
Quebec, QC G1V 2Z6
Phone: 418-657-7546
E-mail: michelgpicard@hotmail.com

Ms Charlotte Rondeau
1470, Rue Frontenac
Quebec Qc G1S 2S8
Phone (house): 418-683-7618
Phone (cellular): 581-988-7618
E-mail: charlotterondeau5@hotmail.com

France Simoneau
2656 de Louvières
Quebec, Qc G1V 2A7
Phone: 418-658-2344
E-mail: simoneau_f@videotron.ca

Student housing services - Université Laval

Student housing services
Pavillon Alphonse-Marie-Parent
Suite 1604
Université Laval
Québec, QC G1K 7P4
Phone Information – Reservations: (418) 656-2921
Fax: 418-656-2801
E-mail: sres@sres.ulaval.ca
www.sres.ulaval.ca (in French only)
Student Housing Services
Off-campus housing site (in French only)

Short-term housing (In French)



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