Aboriginal Participation

Natural Resources Canada’s Minerals and Metals Sector (MMS) is committed to promoting Aboriginal participation in mining activities throughout Canada. As part of the Minerals and Metals Policy of the Government of Canada, MMS encourages partnerships and dialogue between Aboriginal communities, the mining industry and governments to ensure mutual understanding and benefits. MMS also generates and disseminates knowledge, information and tools for capacity-building and sound decision-making in Aboriginal communities and works to increase understanding of mining and its components.

Aboriginal Participation in Mining Information Products

Interactive Map of Aboriginal Mining Agreements - Over the last few decades, Aboriginal-industry relationships and partnerships have evolved tremendously through the conclusion of various types of agreements related to mine development that have proven to be successful in securing benefits for many Aboriginal communities. The Interactive Map of Aboriginal Mining Agreements, developed in partnership with Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, shows where these agreements are taking place across the country and provides specific information on exploration projects and mines, Aboriginal communities, and the types of agreements signed between communities and mining companies.