Information Products

Natural Resources Canada’s Minerals and Metals Sector develops and distributes a number of information products on Aboriginal participation in exploration and mining.

Aboriginal participation in Mining image

Information on Aboriginal participation in the mining industry newsletter – An information bulletin focusing on the main topics related to Aboriginal peoples and communities' involvement in the minerals and metals sector, including employment, business and economic opportunities, and environmental practices.

Aboriginal Agreements Map

Agreements between mining companies and Aboriginal communities or governments – Relations between Aboriginals and the mining industry have changed dramatically through various agreements that provide benefits for indigenous communities. The map shows the geographical distribution of these agreements, by province and territory.

Trainer's Manual

Trainer’s Manual  – This Trainer’s Manual is a guide to help a trainer deliver information sessions about the Exploration and Mining Guide for Aboriginal Communities.

Exploration and Mining Guide for Aboriginal Communities

Guide to exploration and mining for Aboriginal communities  – This explanatory guide mining outlines the mining sequence from the earliest stages of exploration to mine closure. It addresses the regulatory process, presents the impacts of mining and the opportunities it provides, and describes experiences and successful partnerships.

Mining Industry Human Resources Guide for Aboriginal Communities

Human Resources Guide to the mining industry for Aboriginal communities – A complete guide for those seeking employment in the mining sector.

Our Community . . . Our Future image

Our Community . . . Our Future: Mining and Aboriginal Communities – informative video explaining the mining sequence in six modules, from geological mapping and the early stages of exploration to mine closure and site reclamation.

Interactive Map of Aboriginal Mining Agreements

Interactive map of mining agreements with Aboriginal, interactive map of mining agreements with Aboriginal produced in partnership with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, shows where these agreements are underway throughout the country and provides specific information on exploration projects and mines, indigenous communities and the types of agreements signed between Aboriginal communities and mining companies agreements.

Information Bulletins on Aboriginal Participation in Mining

Information on Aboriginal participation in the mining industry newsletters – Newsletters on Aboriginal participation in the exploration and mining, which focuses on best practices for collaboration between indigenous communities and the mining industry.


For more information on Aboriginal participation in mining, visit, send an email to info-smm@nrcan-rncan.gc. ca or call 613-947-6580 (613-996-4397 for the hearing impaired).

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