Green Mining Initiative

The Green Mining Initiative (GMI), under the collaborative leadership of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), brings together various stakeholders to develop green technologies, processes and knowledge for sustainable mining.

GMI targets the development of innovative energy-efficient technologies required for mining to leave behind only clean water, rehabilitated landscapes and healthy ecosystems. It aims to improve the mining sector's environmental performance, to promote innovation in mining and to position Canada's mining sector as theglobal leader in green mining technologies and practices.

Under GMI, research activities at CanmetMINING focus on five priorities:

  • Northern Minerals Development
  • Strategic and Critical Metals Processing
  • Energy Efficiency in Mining and Milling
  • Best Practices in Mining Environmental Management
  • Clean Water

The GMI team is very active in developing multidisciplinary projects with the mining industry, other federal departments, provincial and territorial governments, academia and stakeholders across related sectors. GMI will contribute to improve the competitiveness of the Canadian mining industry through research, innovation and commercialization efforts.