Commodity Reviews

Each year, the Minerals and Metals Sector (MMS) of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) undertakes a comprehensive review of developments in the minerals and metals industries and publishes the results as commodity reviews.

MMS has made commodity reviews from the past few years available on this web site or provided information on how to obtain them. These reviews are posted as they become available. You can subscribe to our site to receive an e-mail notice when we release a new publication, plan an event, or have important news to share with our stakeholders. Additional sources of information and statistics on minerals and metals are also available in the menu on the left.

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To obtain data prior to 2006, please contact:

Library and Archives Canada
Telephone: 613-996-5115 or
1-866-578-7777 (toll free in Canada and the United States)


visit “The Public” section of its web site if you wish to consult the documents in its collection or order photocopies and reproductions.

For direct access to the archived version of the MMS web site at Library and Archives Canada, copy and paste this URL into your Internet browser:

Content Information

The main focus of these commodity reviews is the non-fuel mineral industry and uranium, although fuel minerals are usually included when the total value of Canada's mineral production is reported. The subject matter covers various stages of mineral industry activity, such as production, developments, markets, prices, and outlook. The reviews focus mostly on domestic issues, but international developments may be reviewed if they have a significant impact on Canadian industry.

The basic statistics on minerals and metals production and trade were collected by the Statistics and Economic Analysis Division of NRCan or by Statistics Canada, unless otherwise noted. Market quotations were taken mainly from published marketing reports. Corporate data were obtained directly from company officials through surveys and correspondence or from web sites and annual reports. NRCan is grateful to everyone who has contributed to the preparation of these reviews.


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