The Canadian mining industry is vital to our quality of life. Mining operations take place in almost every province and territory, and they have wider impacts on employment and communities than other natural resource industries. The many direct and indirect benefits of mining — jobs, training and skills development, new business opportunities, community development — are felt in every corner of Canada.

The large-scale benefits of Canada's mining industry do not, however, stop at our borders. They contribute to the economies of developing countries, making Canada an important part of the international mining market. Increasing international demand is creating a huge demand for our commodities. And when it comes to mining, Canada truly is a world leader.

At a personal level, mining touches and improves all areas of our lives. Every day, we use products derived from the mineral resources of the earth. From televisions and telephones, to trains, cars and many of the construction materials in our homes, it's hard to imagine life without the products that come from our mineral wealth.

Natural Resources Canada plays an essential role in achieving these and other benefits. A centre of Canada's world-class mining knowledge and innovation, it conducts and supports research in advanced materials and processes, promotes sustainable development practices, invests in green technology development and is a centre of expertise on global mining issues and opportunities.