Discover why Canada is a world leader in mining, including details on the broad benefits of mining to society and how mining contributes to the economies of developing countries.

Sustainable Mineral Development
Learn about how responsible mineral development attracts investment, avoids project disruptions, enhances technological advancements, and strengthens domestic and international partnerships for the benefit of Canadians.

Aboriginal Participation
Learn about the promotion Aboriginal participation in mining activities throughout Canada

Minerals and Metals Markets
Access research and analysis on the minerals and metals industry, commodities, markets, and economics and how it helps with policy and program development with respect to the minerals, metals and materials industries.

Canadian Mineral Exploration
Look here for information on mineral exploration and deposit appraisal spending trends in Canada, including a review of the domestic and international trends affecting the Canadian mineral exploration sector.

Green Mining Initiative
Learn about how stakeholders are developing green technologies, processes and knowledge for sustainable mining.

CanmetMINING national mining collaborations
Read about some of CanmetMINING’s collaborations such as the Green Mining Initiative Advisory Committee, the Mine Environment Neutral Drainage Program and the National Orphaned and Abandoned Mines Initiative.

Access information on tax instruments, credits and policies applicable to the minerals and metals industries.

Find out about policy advice given to governments, industry and Canadians on Canada's mineral and metal resources nationally and internationally.