Apply for the EDO Written Examination

Effective November 1st, 2017, the PCP-09 EDO written examination will be available in an updated electronic format only. The multiple-choice examination will be only be available to write at an expanded set of EDO Examination Centres and other participating examination centres. Candidates who have been approved for the PCP-09 written examination may register for the electronic examination (examination dates of November 1st and later) beginning on October 15th, 2017. For more information on eligibility and registration for the electronic examination, please contact the NRCan NDTCB and read additional information below.

The NRCan NDTCB is implementing a user fees update to existing fees; this update will take effect July 1st, 2017. Additional new services and fees will be introduced at a later date. Application and fee submissions to the NRCan NDTCB that are postmarked, emailed or faxed after June 30th, 2017 are subject to the new fee schedule.

To register for the exposure device operator (EDO) written examination, simply send a completed and signed application form to the Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) National Non-Destructive Testing Certification Body (NDTCB) along with other required documents (see below).

Steps to take

  1. Submit your completed and signed application form (PDF, 310 kb), payment information, two passport photographs, and copies of two pieces of valid government-issued photo ID by mail to:

NRCan National NDT Certification Body
Natural Resources Canada
183 Longwood Road South
Hamilton ON  L8P 0A5

What to include in your application package

1. Include the following form, signed and dated:

2. Also include:

  • Your fees (see application form for payment instructions)
  • Two passport photos
  • Identification

To protect your payment information, we ask that all forms containing credit card information (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) be submitted via fax or mail only. Do not send credit card information by e-mail. If you have any questions, please call 1-866-858-0473.

Please see the paragraphs below for detailed instructions about passport photos and identification.

Passport photo instructions

If you will be registering with NDTCB for the first time, you must provide two passport photographs. These must:

  • measure 5 cm wide X 7 cm high (2 inches wide X 2-3/4 inches high)
  • be taken by a commercial photographer and be professionally printed on photographic paper
  • be clear, sharp, in focus, and in full colour
  • be taken straight on with the face and shoulders centered and squared to the camera
  • reflect your current appearance (taken within the last twelve (12) months)
  • show your complete name, as well as the name and complete address of the photo studio and the date the photo was taken on the back of one photo
  • be submitted, via mail or courier

Self-taken and/or self-printed photographs and non-passport photographs will not be accepted. We may request additional photographs at any time if we deem previously submitted photographs unacceptable.

Identification instructions

Please submit clear, certified true copies of two government-issued identity documents, such as a driver’s license or passport. Examples of acceptable proof of ID are a passport, driver’s license, military identification, certificate of Indian Status, or a provincial or territorial health card that includes your photo and signature (excluding Alberta, Manitoba, and Newfoundland and Labrador).

  • If you have already applied to the NDTCB for NDT or X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzer operator certification and have submitted one of these documents, then you only need to submit one (1) piece of government-issued photo ID.
  • Documents in a language other than English or French must be translated.

Certifying your identification

To be a certified true copy, the photocopy must show your full legal name, photo and signature, and be verified on page 2 of the application form by an employer or someone working in one of the following occupations: accountant; chief of First Nation band; employee of Natural Resources Canada acting in an official capacity; funeral director; justice of the peace, lawyer, notary or magistrate; manager of financial Institution; medical or health practitioner, including chiropractor, dentist, doctor, ophthalmologist, optometrist, pharmacist, psychologist, nurse practitioners or registered nurse; member of Parliament or their staff; member of Provincial Legislature or their staff; minister of religion; municipal clerk; official of a federal or provincial government department, or one of its agencies; official of an embassy, consulate or high commission; official of a country with which Canada has a reciprocal social security agreement; police officer; postmaster; professional engineer; social worker; teacher.

We make all reasonable efforts to ensure candidate applications, examination requests and certification submissions are completed according to service standard targets. Despite these efforts, the occurrence of errors, omissions and delays cannot be completely ruled out and NRCan is not responsible for any direct and indirect costs, expenses or delays that may arise.

Taking the exam

Paper examination (last day to write this version of the PCP-09 examination is October 31st, 2017):

All eligible EDO candidates will be provided with an email and/or letter confirming their eligibility for a written examination. The email/letter will be accompanied by a PCP-09 EDO written examination admittance and registration form. You will be denied access to an examination centre if you cannot produce a valid PCP-09 written examination admittance and registration form.

You should bring the following items to examinations:

  • Examination admittance and registration form
  • Valid government issued photo identification
  • Pen or pencil
  • Non-programmable calculator

Electronic examination (first day to write this version of the PCP-09 examination is November 1st, 2017; registration for this examination begins on October 15th, 2017):

All eligible EDO candidates will be provided with an email confirming their eligibility for written examination. The email will contain information on how to register for the electronic examination at an examination centre.

You should bring the following items to examinations:

  • Printed copy of booking confirmation email from the electronic examination system provider
  • Valid government issued photo identification
  • Non-programmable calculator

Note: If you were approved to write your written EDO examination prior to the implementation of the PCP-09 electronic examination, you may be required to complete, sign and submit the most current “Application Form for Exposure Device Operator Written Examination” in order to register for the electronic examination. In this circumstance, applicants will not be required to submit any additional fees as long as there are no outstanding fees. Please contact the NRCan NDTCB for more information on eligibility and registration for the electronic examination.

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