NRCan National Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Certification Body

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Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) manages the national program in Canada that certifies people who perform non-destructive testing (NDT). The NRCan National NDT Certification Body (NCB) protects Canadians and Canada’s natural resources, and provides:

  • Canadian general standards board (CGSB) certification
  • Portable x-ray tube-based fluorescence (XRF) analyzer certification
  • Qualifying body for CNSC's Exposure Device Operator written examination (EDO)

Mandate and objectives

NCB develops and implements programs to certify people who inspect the metals and materials in the components and structures used in the development and use of Canada’s natural resources. For example, Canada’s energy and mining sectors rely on many applications of non-destructive testing in heavy equipment, oil and gas pipelines, nuclear reactors, and fossil-fuel generating stations.

The NCB certification program also aims to continually improve and maintain reliability, security and safety with regards to how metals and materials are used by industries across Canada.

Canadian General Standards Board Certification
Read about how certification for NDT personnel is done in accordance with Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) Standard CAN/CGSB-48.9712-2014 (Qualification and Certification of Non-Destructive Testing Personnel).

XRF Analyzer Operator Certification
Find out about certification for operators of portable x-ray tube-based fluorescence (XRF) analyzers, done in accordance with Health Canada’s Safety Code 32 requirements and ISO 20807. The NRCan XRF certification program comprises radiation safety training and examination components that are based on NDT industrial radiography.

Exposure Device Operator Written Examination
Learn about the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s (CNSC’s) role in certifying exposure device operators (EDO). NCB serves as the qualifying body for CNSC's EDO written examination, which is administered similarly to other written NDT certification examinations and uses the NCB test centre network.


Contact NDT

Find out how to contact the NRCan National NDT Certification Body, including our opening hours and how to direct your inquiry.

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