NRCan National Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Certification Body

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) manages Canada's nation-wide program for the certification of individuals performing non-destructive testing. The NRCan National NDT Certification Body (NCB) provides the following services:

  • NRCan – CGSB-48.9712 NDT Certification:  Certification for NDT Personnel in accordance with the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) Standard CAN/CGSB-48.9712-2006 (Qualification and Certification of Non-Destructive Testing Personnel).
  • XRF Analyzer Operator Certification:  Certification for operators of portable x-Ray tube-based fluorescence (XRF) analyzers in accordance with Health Canada’s Safety Code 34 requirements and ISO 20807
  • CEDO Written Examination:  Qualification for the written examinations for the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s (CNSC) certification of Exposure Device Operators (CEDO).

These programs are implemented by the federal government in order to provide the unbiased Canada-wide services required to implement a national program. To ensure that this objective is met, an Advisory Committee composed of individuals knowledgeable about NDT in Canada advises NRCan on the operation of this certification body and its programs.

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For further information, submission of application and requests, and to contact us:

NRCan National NDT Certification Body
Minerals and Metals Sector
Natural Resources Canada
183 Longwood Road South
Hamilton ON L8P 0A5
Tel.: 905-645-0653 or 866-858-0473
Fax: 905-645-0836

Via telephone, you may also contact one of the following numbers:

905-645-0653 or 866-858-0473 for general inquiries

Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays), 8:00a.m.–12:00p.m. and 1:00p.m.–4:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

If you are forwarded to our voicemail service, please leave us a clear voice message with your full name, your NRCan registration number (if applicable), your call-back phone number and details about your enquiry. Our goal is to return your call as soon as possible, usually within the same business day.  We are committed to continually enhancing our customer service and supporting the Canadian NDT industry.

The NCB’s programs and activities are in support of NRCan’s program activity objective of providing Protection for Canadians and Natural Resources.

In keeping with the mandates of NRCan on the protection for Canadians and natural resources, the National Non-destructive Testing (NDT) Certification Body develops and implements programs for the certification of individuals who perform critical inspections of metals and materials in components and structures used in the development and use of Canada’s natural resources.  For example, Canada’s energy and mining sectors relies on many applications of non-destructive testing in heavy equipment, oil and gas pipelines, nuclear reactors and fossil-fuel generating stations.

Also, in accordance with the mandate and technical focus of CanmetMATERIALS on materials technology, the National NDT Certification Body certification aims to continually improve and maintain the reliability, security and safety on the usage of metals and materials, that are being utilized by the various industries across Canada, such as the energy production industry, the metallurgical industry, the aerospace industry, etc.

Of note, the National NDT Certification Body has been developing and delivering its national certification programs continuously since 1960.

Thank you for your interest in CanmetMATERIALS and the NRCan National Non-Destructive Testing Certification Body.