X-Ray Fluorescent Analyzer Operator Certification

XRF Program information
Find out more about the XRF Program.

Arranging your examination or re-examination
Find out how to register for your initial written examination (or re-examination) and what to bring to examinations.

Need to recertify or requalify as an XRF operator?
Find out when you will need to recertify, what you need to provide, and how long your recertification will be valid for.

Application information
Find out which XRF operations can be performed at different certification levels, as well as what the fees are for certification exams, and what information and documentation is required for certification.

Certified personnel
Visit this page to download a list of NDT personnel who are currently certified by NRCan.

Version 4 XRF forms and guides
Find out how to contact us for up-to-date XRF forms and certification and examination guides.

XRF certification renewals
Learn how and when to renew your certification, including information about fees and what to provide.

Training requirements for XRF operators
Read about what constitutes accepted formal training and what you need to pass the XRF exams.


Contact NDT

Find out how to contact the NRCan National NDT Certification Body, including our opening hours and how to direct your inquiry.