Radioactive Waste Management

The Waste Stabilization Program develops methods and innovative techniques to characterize, treat and stabilize both solid and liquid forms of radioactive wastes. The research carried out by this program minimizes the environmental impact of the wastes generated by the mining and other industries.

Using a wide range of expertise in waste stabilization and solidification, cement and other cementing materials, concrete, mechanical testing and durability assessment of solid materials, mineral processing, chemical & mineralogical characterization and analysis, metal recovery, the program undertakes research in the following areas:

  • Solidification and Stabilization - development of optimum cementing mixtures for long term storage of radioactive wastes in terms of strength, durability characteristics and chemical stability
  • Sampling and Characterization - providing essential analytical services for research and development dealing with radioactive and hazardous wastes
  • Waste Engineering - development, testing and assessment of comminution, pre-processing and sampling strategies for radioactive solid wastes.
  • Metals Recovery - innovations in waste management by extracting and recovering key elements from radioactive and hazardous wastes