Mineral Exploration

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) coordinates the collection of statistics for off-mine-site and on-mine-site expenditures for the exploration and deposit appraisal phases and the mine complex development phase.

NRCan and Statistics Canada cooperate with the provinces and territories to collect, assemble, and publish comprehensive national mineral resource development statistics. These are compiled from the federal–provincial/territorial Survey of Mineral Exploration, Deposit Appraisal and Mine Complex Development Expenditures. To protect respondent’s confidential data, only aggregate statistics are released.

The Federal-Provincial/Territorial Committee on Mineral Statistics ensures harmonization of methodology and definitions on a national scale. Complete coverage of project evolution from exploration to mine production allows a better understanding of the components illustrated in the statistical tables.

Mineral Exploration Statistics
Looking for more statistical information about mineral exploration? This page offers links to statistical reports on mineral exploration.

Surveys, Definitions and Documentation
This page offers links to the survey questionnaires, scope, methodology and key definitions related to mineral exploration.


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