Idle Reduction Technologies

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Verified Idling Reduction Technologies

EPA has evaluated idle reduction technologies/devices as part of grants, cooperative agreements, emissions testing, engineering analyses, modeling, demonstration projects and external peer reviewed reports to study the effects of idling on air quality, fuel consumption and driver health.  Based on this evaluation and research, EPA has determined that a variety of idle reduction technologies save fuel and reduce emissions when compared to idling the main engine. 

Idle reduction technology allows engine operators to refrain from long-duration idling of the main propulsion engine by using an alternative technology. An idle reduction technology is generally defined as the installation of a technology or device that:

  • is installed on a vehicle (e.g., bus, truck, locomotive, automobile, marine vessel, equipment, etc.) or at a location; 
  • reduces unnecessary main engine idling of the vehicle or equipment; and/or
  • is designed to provide services (e.g., heat, air conditioning, and/or electricity) to the vehicle or equipment that would otherwise require the operation of the main drive engine while the vehicle or equipment is temporarily parked or remains stationary.

To date, EPA has verified devices in the following categories of idle reduction technologies:

Electrified Parking Spaces (EPS) / Truck Stop Electrification (TSE)

An EPS system (also known as Truck Stop Electrification) operates independently of the truck’s engine and allows the truck engine to be turned off as the EPS system supplies heating, cooling, and electrical power. The EPS system provides off-board electrical power to operate either:

  • an independent heating, cooling, and electrical power system; or
  • a truck-integrated heating and cooling system.

In both cases, the EPS system reduces main engine idling by providing an alternative source of energy which results in lower emissions than the main engine.

SmartWay has verified technologies among the product lines of the following companies:

  • CabAire
  • Craufurd Manufacturing
  • EnviroDock
  • IdleAire Technologies Corporation
  • Philips and Temro Industries
  • Shorepower™ Technologies
  • Xantrex Technology & Cab Comfort

Shore Connection Systems and Alternative Maritime Power (SCS/AMP)

An SCS/AMP system allows maritime vessels to “plug into” an electrical power source instead of using its diesel auxiliary engines while at port. This system also includes various components such as cables, cable management systems, shore power coupler systems, distribution control systems, and power distribution.

SmartWay has verified technologies among the product lines of the following company:

  • SAM Electronics

Shore Connection Systems for Locomotives (SCS)

An SCS system allows locomotives to “plug into” an electrical power source instead of using its diesel engines while at the rail yard.

SmartWay has verified technologies from the product lines of the following company:

  • Kim Hotstart Manufacturing Company (Electric Driven Heating Systems)
  • Power Drives, Inc.- model DWS-120 (fuel operated heater)

Auxiliary Power Units and Generator Sets (APU/GS)

An APU/GS device contains an EPA emission-certified engine (certified under 40 CFR Part 89). APU/GS devices supply cooling, heating, and electrical power to Class 8 trucks and other applications. EPA has determined through its own test program that these devices reduce emissions on long-haul, Class 8 trucks and locomotives when compared to a truck’s baseline emissions from the main propulsion engine.

The following APU/GS systems are SmartWay verified for long-haul, Class 8 trucks:

  • ACEMCO Power Systems, LLC / Model: ACEMCO Power Unit Series 1
  • Airworks Compressors Corp / Model: Fusion APU
  • Big Rig Products / Model: Nite Hawk
  • Carrier Transicold - ComfortPro
  • Centramatic - Centramatic
  • Diamond Power Systems, LLC - Diamond Power System
  • Dunamis Power Systems - Promax
  • Hodyon LP - Dynasys APU
  • Kohler- 3APU, 7 APU
  • Life Force - Life Force
  • Mantis Metalworks, LLC - Model 175
  • McMillan Electric Company / Model: IdleTime 4500-300
  • McMillan Electric Company / Model: IdleTime 4500-400
  • Midwest Power Generators - MPG702
  • Navistar - Fleetrite APU, MaxxPower APU w/ HVAC
  • Navistar Fleetrite by Mobile Thermo Systems Inc./ Models: INTAPU146 and INTAPUT46
  • Parks Industries, LLC: Model Hp 2000
  • Pony Pack, Inc. - Pony Pack
  • Power Technology Southeast - PowerPac
  • RigMaster Power by Mobile Thermo Systems Inc. / Model: MTS T4-6
  • Star Class - GEN-STAR 4500, GEN-STAR 6000
  • Thermo King Corp. - TriPac
  • TRIDAKO Energy Systems - Power Cube
  • Volvo - 971-003/4 (optional 82A-B1X)
  • Willis Power Systems - Willis APU

SmartWay has verified APU/GS systems for locomotives among the product lines of the following companies:

  • Kim Hotstart Manufacturing Company
  • Power Drives, Inc. - model DWS-APU
  • Teleflex Ecotrans L.P.

Fuel Operated Heaters (FOH) aka Direct Fired Heaters (DFH)

A FOH provides heat (only) by combusting fuel drawn from the main engine or other fuel system. EPA has determined through its own test program that these devices reduce emissions on long-haul, Class 8 trucks when compared to the trucks baseline emissions. EPA has also determined that FOHs provide a similar idle reduction benefit when used on school buses and locomotives. In addition, the California Air Resources Board has approved certain FOHs for compliance with applicable California emissions standards.

The following FOHs are SmartWay verified for long-haul, Class 8 trucks:

  • Automotive Climate Control - FFHD 2
  • Espar Heater Systems - D1LC, D3LC, Airtronic D2/D4, Hydronic 5/8/10/12
  • Teleflex - A2, A4, X45
  • Volvo - 41-11
  • Webasto - Air Top 2000, Air Top 3500, Thermo 90S
  • Webasto - Air Top 2000 ST (new version of Air Top 2000)
  • Webasto - Air Top Evo 3900 (new version of Air Top 3500)
  • Webasto - Thermo 90 ST (new version of Thermo 90S)
  • Webasto - Air Top Evo 5500 (new version of Air Top 5000)
  • Webasto - TSL 17 (Thermo Top C/Z)
  • Webasto - DBW 2010

The following FOHs are SmartWay verified for school buses:

  • Espar Heater Systems - E-Guardian 5 (Hydronic D5)
  • Espar Heater Systems - E-Guardian 8 (Hydronic D8)
  • Espar Heater Systems - E-Guardian 10 (Hydronic D10)
  • Espar Heater Systems - E-Guardian 12 (Hydronic D12), and Airtronic D2, Airtronic D4, Airtronic D5
  • Teleflex Proheat - X45
  • Webasto - TSL 17 (Thermo Top C/Z)
  • Webasto - Scholastic Heater (DBW 2010)

The following FOH systems are SmartWay verified for locomotives:

  • A.S.T. Group -  35kW, 50kW and 90kW LTP Systems (includes automatic Start/Stop capability)

Battery Air Conditioning Systems (BAC)

A BAC system uses batteries to power an independent electric cooling system. Typically, these systems integrate a FOH to supply heating. EPA has evaluated BACs and finds that these systems reduce emissions on long-haul, Class 8 trucks when compared to the truck’s baseline emissions.

The following BAC systems are SmartWay verified:

  • All Around Contracting LLC / Kool Rig System
  • AuraGen - Inverter/Charger System
  • Bergstrom, Inc - NITE
  • Cool Moves / Models: Bycool Mochila and Bycool Revolution
  • Cool Moves / Models: Minicool Compact and Minicool Dinamic
  • Cool Moves - Rencool / Models: RDK4 and RTK5
  • DC Power Solutions - APU/AC System
  • Diamond Power Systems LLC/ Models: DPS 10K-DC and DPS 15KB
  • Dometic Corp. - Sleeper AC
  • Driver Comfort System - Driver Comfort System
  • Energy Xtreme Independence Package Long-Haul Comfort System - battery APU/AC system
  • Freightliner Cascadia - Park Smart System
  • Glacier Bay - ClimaCab
  • Hammond Air Conditioning, LTD - Artic Breeze
  • Idle Free Systems - Reefer Link System I
  • Indel B Sleeping Wel - Arctic 1000, Arctic 2000, Oblo
  • NAS, LLC / Comfort Cab - Model: 100 M (Battery HVAC)
  • Navistar - MaxxPower Battery HVAC System (with Espar E-Guardian Heater and insulated sleeper curtain)
  • Paddock Solar - Paddock Solar
  • Peterbilt - Comfort Class System
  • Safer Corporation - VIESA
  • Sobo Inc./ Kingtec Technologies (Heyuan) Co. Ltd. - Model: Sleeper AC 12K10F3-1
  • Sun Power Technologies - Sleeper AC
  • Thermo King TriPak - e
  • Volvo - 971-001/2

Thermal Storage Systems (TSS)

A TSS collects heat energy as a truck is driven, and uses it to provide air conditioning while the engine is off. These systems reduce emissions from Class 8 trucks.

The following TSSs are SmartWay verified:

  • Autotherm Division Enthal Systems, Inc. - T-2500 Energy Recovery System
  • Webasto - BlueCool Truck

Automatic Shut-down/ Start-up Systems

An automatic engine shut-down/start-up system not only turns off the main engine while idling but can re-start the engine when necessary. Re-start of the main engine is typically based on a set time period, engine or ambient temperature, and other parameters (e.g., battery charge). To date, SmartWay has only verified AESS systems for locomotives.

SmartWay has verified AESS systems for locomotives among the product lines of the following manufacturers.


  • GE Transportation
  • Motive Power model - Q Tron QEG-1000
  • Motive Power model - Q Tron Engine Run Manager System (for use in conjunction with an auxiliary power unit)
  • Motive Power model - Q Tron QES-III (micro processor locomotive control with integrated AESS functionality)
  • ZTR Control Systems/Hotstart - Integrated AESS+APU model DDHSJR-111
  • ZTR Control Systems - model SmartStart IIe

***List of Idle Reduction Technologies No Longer Verified***

Notice: On March 21, 2012 the verification status of the following devices changed:


  1. Due to a change in ownership the Comfort Master (APU) has been renamed "ACEMCO Power Unit 1" and is now sold by ACEMCO Power Systems, LLC.

Notice: On August 18, 2011 the verification status of the following device(s) changed:

  1. Teleflex, Inc.; no longer manufactured
  2. Navistar/Bergstrom - 12V Aux No-Idle HVAC; no longer manufactured

Notice: On May 12, 2011 the verification status of the following devices changed:


  1. Idle Solutions - Idle Solutions; business status unavailable
  2. Kool Gen - KG-1000; business status unavailable
  3. Stark Mfg., LLC/ Parks Industries , LLC - HP2000; duplicate listing
  4. Truck Gen - UCT 2-5.5, UCT-APU; no longer manufactured nor providingservice

Notice: On April 05, 2011, the verification status of the following devices changed:


  1. Aux Generators Inc. - Idle Hawk; business status unavailable
  2. Cummins - Comfort Guard; no longer manufactured
  3. Cummins Onan - Quiet Diesel; no longer manufactured
  4. Double Eagle Industries - Gen-Pac; business status unavailable
  5. Flying J Inc - Cab Comfort System; no longer manufactured
  6. Frigette Truck Climate Systems - APU, Gen Set 1, Gen Set 2; out of business and no longer manufactured
  7. Idlebuster - Idlebuster; suspended all operations
  8. Gates Corporation - Cab Runner; no longer manufacturing nor providing service.

Notice: On June 17, 2010, the verification status of the following devices changed:


  1. Auxiliary Power Dynamics, LLC; is now Willis Power systems - the Willis APU is listed
  2. Black Rock System - Black Rock; is out of business and is no longer listed
  3. Mechron Power Systems - CCS Lighting Cab Comfort; Mechron discontinued the CCS Lighting Cab Comfort subsequently it is no longer listed.

Notice: On November 23, 2010, the verification status of the following device changed:


  1. EnergyXtreme - PPEX60, PPEX80; discontinued, no longer available for class 8,heavy duty, long haul trucks