Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) for the NextGen Biofuels Fund™

* On November 4, 2015, an Order-in-Council designated the Minister of Industry (now the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development) as the Minister for the purposes of the Canada Foundation for Sustainable Development Technology Act. As a result, resources allocated to this organization will be transferred to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, thereby, reducing NRCan financial resources. The above financial table does not reflect this reduction. Until the transfer is complete, NRCan will continue to disburse funds from its reference levels toward both the SDTC’s NextGen Biofuels Fund and the SDTC Tech Fund. These disbursements will remain equally shared between NRCan and ECCC, with each department reporting its shares in its respective RPP and DPR.

** All NGBF disbursements to SDTC are split evenly between NRCan and ECCC.

Supplementary Information (Tables) 2016-17