Upcoming Internal Audits and Evaluations Over the Next Three Fiscal Years

Internal Audits

Title of internal audit Internal audit type Status Expected completion date
NRCan’s Legal Management Control Framework Performance Planned September 2016
Expanding Market Opportunities in Forest Sector Performance Planned December 2016
Investment Planning and Reporting Performance Planned December 2016
Horizontal Audit (OCG) IT Security Horizontal Planned March 2017
NRCan’s Intellectual Property Management Control Framework Performance Planned June 2017
Cyber Security Management Control Framework – in collaboration with  CNSC Core Information Technology Planned June 2017
Open Government Performance Planned March 2017
Geomatics – Remote Sensing and Mapping including Satellite Station Facilities Core Information Management / Technology Planned September 2017
Explosives Program Management & Licensing  Performance Planned September 2017
Annual Report on Continuous Audits of Core Controls Continuous Auditing Planned September 2016


Link to department’s Program Alignment Architecture Title of the evaluation Planned evaluation start date Planned deputy head approval date
2.3.4. Radioactive Waste Management Nuclear Legacy Liabilities Program September 2015 June 2016
3.2.1. Essential Geographic Information Essential Geographic Information and Support September 2015 September 2016
All Class Grants and Contributions December 2015 June 2016
1.2.1. Mining Innovation Mining Innovation September 2015 June 2016
3.1.3. Forest Disturbances Science and Application Forest Disturbances Science and Application September 2015 June 2016
2.1.3. Alternative Transportation Fuels Alternative Transportation Fuels June 2015 June 2016
1.2.2. Forest Sector Innovation Genomics R&D Initiative (led by National Research Council June 2015 June 2016
2.2.3. Clean Energy Science and Technology World Class Tanker Safety Program (led by Transport Canada) September 2015 June 2016
1.3.3 Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals. Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals September 2015 December 2016
2.3.4. Radioactive Waste Management Gunnar Mine Site April 2016 September 2016
2.3.5. Geospatial Information for Responsible Natural Resource Management Earth Observation for Responsible Resource Development June 2016 March 2017
2.2.3. Clean Energy Science and Technology Fossil Fuels April 2016 March 2017
3.1.1. Explosives Safety and Security and 3.1.2. Materials and Certification for Safety and Security Explosives and Materials Safety June 2016 March 2017
1.1.1. Mineral and Metal Markets Access and Diversification and 1.3.1. Mineral Investment Minerals and Metals Markets, Investment and Innovation April 2016 December 2017
3.1.1. Explosives Safety and Security Single Window Initiative (led by Canada Border Services Agency) April 2016 March 2017

Supplementary Information (Tables) 2016-17