The Natural Resources Portfolio

Within the Government of Canada, Minister James Gordon Carr is responsible for the activities of the Department of Natural Resources (NRCan). In his capacity as Minister, he also has responsibility for the Natural Resources portfolio, which includes the following:

The Natural Resources PortfolioMinister of Natural Resources


While each portfolio agency has a unique mandate, organizational form, reporting regime and corporate culture, they all share some important goals, including service to Canadians, service to the Minister, and accountability to Parliament. The Minister’s specific relationship vis-à-vis each agency varies according to statute, though normally it includes such things as:


NRCan has a responsibility to create a sustainable resource advantage for Canadians – now and in the future. Attaining this vision requires collective efforts on the part of all stakeholders in natural resources from coast to coast. Each portfolio agency plays an important and unique role to help ensure a strong resource future for Canadians through promoting growth, competitiveness and environmental leadership.

Portfolio Coordination

The department has a dedicated portfolio management function located within the Public Affairs and Portfolio Management Sector. While respecting each organization’s unique mandate, activities and degree of independence, the Portfolio Management function strives to facilitate the way that Natural Resources Canada works collaboratively with its portfolio partners to support the responsible development of our natural resources. The Portfolio Management function provides strategic advice to the Minister of Natural Resources, the department and portfolio agencies, and coordinates activities that have cross-portfolio impact. A Framework for Portfolio Management is in place, endorsed by all Deputy Heads of the Natural Resources Portfolio, in order to promote coherence, accountability and an integrated approach to portfolio management and deliver on both Portfolio and Government objectives.