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One hundred and forty years ago, Canada’s first scientific agency, the Geological Survey of Canada, published a magnificent geological map of Canada. On a scale of 1 inch to 25 miles, it conveyed the geology and geography of southeastern Canada, helping the builders of our nation design a diverse and robust economy for their day.Footnote 1

Today, the maps of Canada and the world are much different, both literally and figuratively. The key features of our world continue to evolve as powerful and pervasive social, economic and technological drivers of change make their influence felt. A map reflecting the evolving terrain of the 21st century is required, one that provides an effective guide to how Natural Resources Canada’s (NRCan’s) world-class science and technology (S&T) will help Canadians create a sustainable natural resource advantage in a fast-changing world.

NRCan’s S&T Strategy, as presented in this document, provides such a map. It sets out how NRCan will mobilize, renew and connect our S&T endowments – our people, our ideas, our S&T management systems and our infrastructure assets – to help build a sustainable resource advantage for Canada.

The strategy builds on our S&T successes, some of which are highlighted in these pages. It will enable the department to address large and complex issues linked to resource stewardship, many of which transcend particular resource sectors. It will help us be agile and responsive in providing the best scientific knowledge and timely, evidence-based advice to inform decision making. It supports the priorities and applies the core principles of the Government of Canada’s S&T Strategy, Mobilizing S&T to Canada’s Advantage. Most importantly, this S&T Strategy will help ensure we deliver results for Canadians across many areas of social and economic endeavour linked to the sustainable development of natural resources.

We are pleased to present and endorse NRCan’s S&T Strategy, Creating a Sustainable Canadian Resource Advantage Through Science and Technology.

Serge Dupont
Deputy Minister

Malcolm Brown
Associate Deputy Minister

Geoff Munro
Chief Scientist and
Assistant Deputy Minister,
Innovation and Energy Technology

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