5. The way forward

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Linking to broader pillars of NRCan management excellence

Each element of Natural Resources Canada’s (NRCan’s) S&T Strategy is important, but the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts. Successful implementation of the strategy requires broad recognition and understanding of the strong interdependencies among the different elements.

Implementation will also require leveraging the power of each key direction by linking its implementation to broader pillars of NRCan management excellence:

  • people and funding capacity aligned with objectives
  • modern governance and accountability systems
  • supportive and integrative information systems
  • performance management and evaluation systems geared to meeting the expectations of Canadians

Assessment, benchmarking and reporting results

Ultimately, the effectiveness of the strategy is measured in its implementation and the continual improvement and learning that flows from monitoring progress and reporting results. Ongoing assessment of our progress is required not only to meet the transparency requirements of accountability to government and citizens but also to meet the need to continually adapt in a changing world.

NRCan will take a leadership role in addressing the analytical challenges in assessing, benchmarking and reporting results from our investments in S&T. We will draw on the very best practices from other organizations and develop our own techniques as required. We will adopt an evidence-based approach to rigorously consider the relevance, quality and impact our S&T. The results will inform our S&T decision making and priority setting and also enable us to better convey to Canadians the impact and effectiveness of our S&T.


Today’s natural resource stewardship challenges are larger and more complex than ever before. At the same time, the drivers of change are opening up opportunities for Canadians to bring new ideas and innovations to the world for building a sustainable future. Guided by this strategy, NRCan will help build Canada’s sustainable resource advantage through the excellence of our science and technology.

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