Introducing Frank

Frank Szadkowski

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Frank Szadkowski is an engineer and researcher at the Canadian Centre for Housing Technology (CCHT). Frank tests equipment and techniques designed to increase the energy efficiency of residential homes. Working with a team of energy efficiency experts and partners from the private and public sectors, Frank has spent 11 years working on ways to make energy saving technology more accessible to consumers.

Since its launch in 1998, Frank and his team have been involved in testing over 50 housing-related technologies, ranging from energy-efficient lighting and high-performance windows to innovative natural gas systems.

Frank Szadkowski stands in front of the twin test house facility, located on the main campus of the National Research Council.

Frank surveys a recent installation of a new type of solar panel which also serves as a roofing membrane.

Frank works to program a thermostat, setting the temperature higher and lower at different points during the day and night.

Frank examines the door jam in one of the test houses for pliability.

Frank in front of furnace.

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