Weather Stripping (Door)


Here is a simple but very effective tip for homeowners.

Doors and windows are supposed to close and keep the cold air out in winter time.

The weather striping does that. When the doors closes against this continuous weather striping, it’s in good shape, it’s pliable.

It will stop cold air from coming in. Here’s a quick tip on how to check that.

If we close the door on a piece of paper and we remove that piece of paper, it should come out with a little bit of effort.

If it doesn’t, maybe the weather striping isn’t tight enough or it’s not in good shape.

We don’t see any daylight coming through.

We don’t feel any drafts.

We can go to the hardware store we can pick up some new weather striping.

That will solve that problem. It’s an easy simple homeowner task to save money and energy.