Science at Work

About Science at Work:

Science at Work is a new video series that showcases the science that NRCan conducts and its impact on the lives of Canadians. Each episode will feature a field of work or research we do at the department.

Episode 1 (Net-Zero Energy Houses) March 2016

Further information:

Episode 2 (Flood Monitoring) June 2016

  • Floods: Information about the use of satellite-derived Earth Observations (EO) to provide near-real time overviews of flood situations.  
  • GeoConnections: Information about a national partnership initiative led by Natural Resources Canada designed to facilitate access to and use of geospatial information in Canada.
  • Fact sheet on geospatial standards and policies.
  • Flood Delineation and Mapping: Information and examples of how remote sensing techniques are used to measure and monitor the areal extent of the flooded areas.

Episode 3 (Defining Canada’s Extended Continental Shelf) July 2016

Episode 4 (Forest Fires) August 2016

  • Forest Fires:  Information about forest fires in Canada and the research that Natural Resources Canada conducts with partners across the country to increase the knowledge base about wildland fires, and to improve the ability of authorities to predict and manage risks and benefits.
  • Canadian Wildland Fire Information System:  A source of daily fire weather and fire behavior that maps year-round and hot spot maps throughout the forest fire season.
  • Firesmoke Canada: Information and resources about smoke from wildland fires that  provides access to services and data for professionals in the air quality, health and  safety, emergency management, and science & research communities, as well as the public.