Expenses – Where Funds Go 

The following chart presents a distribution of NRCan’s total expenses in 2010-12 by program activity. Total expenses amounted to $3.46 billion.

1.1 Economic Opportunities for natural resources: 42.93% of total funds

2.1 Clean Energy: 39.15% of total funds

Internal Services: 7.35% of total funds

2.2 Ecosystem risk management: 5% of total funds

3.2 Natural resources and landmass knowledge for Canadians: 2.32% of total funds

3.1 Adapting to a changing climate and hazard risk management: 1.79% of total funds

1.2 Natural resource-based communities: 0% of total funds

3.3 Geomatics Canada Revolving Fund: 0.09% of total funds