Description of Figure 1

Figure 1 is a seven row table showing the logic model for the Clean Energy Systems for Industry Sub-Activity.

On the right hand side of the chart there is a feedback-loop indicating that it may take several iterations of collaborative projects that result in increased knowledge before the research is mature enough to lead to intermediate outcomes, such as the adoption of energy efficient and emission-reducing technologies by industry.

Description of Figure 2

Figure 2A shows the breakdown of annual contributions to CESI projects between NRCan and Non-NRCan contributions for each year of the period 2006-07 to 2010-11. The graph shows that total annual contributions to CESI projects have decreased steadily over this period. In 2006-07 NRCan contribution to projects was approximately $8 million, while non-NRCan contributions were approximately $4 million, for a total of approximately $12 million. By 2008-09, total contributions from all sources were $8.3 million with about $5.5 million coming from NRCan. By 2010-11 total contributions were $5.8 million and NRCan’s contribution of that was just above the $4.2 million mark.

Figure 2B shows this same decreasing trend but provides the breakdown of annual contributions to CESI projects by type of contribution: $ or in-kind. In 2006-07, almost $9.5 million of the total $12 million contribution was in the form of cash, while the remaining was in the form of in-kind contribution. By 2008-09 cash contributions of just under $7 million and in-kind contributions just above $1.3 million made up the total $8.3 million.  By 2010-11, of the total $5.8 million, $4.5 million was cash and $1.3 million was in-kind.