Geography Awareness Week

Geography Awareness Week - November 12 - 18, 2017

The science of geography impacts our lives every day. Geography Awareness Week—also known as GeoWeek—is your chance to explore all the geographical knowledge Natural Resources Canada has to offer.


Hi everyone.  Happy Geo Week!

From our earliest days, geography has shaped us.  

It determined the hunting grounds and migration of Indigenous peoples, influenced where cities were built, farms were raised and factories placed.

With such a close connection to our geography, it’s little wonder that Canada has led the world in gathering information about our natural surroundings.

This year, we took an important step in making data accessible with the launch of Open Maps. 

Open Maps brings all of the government’s geospatial data together, in one place, making it easier to create customized maps.

Open Maps is fueled by data from federal scientists, surveyors and satellites as well as marine and land-based sensors.

Want to know where Canada’s marine protected areas are?  How about major natural resource projects?  Or, what cities have the healthiest citizens?  A few clicks and you can find out!

Open Maps will fundamentally change the way Canadians can access the federal government’s geospatial data. I invite you to explore the site for yourself.  It’s free.  It’s fun.  And it’s easy.

Explore our Human Library

We invite you to participate! Geography experts from Natural Resources Canada have volunteered to be human books to answer any and all of your geography questions.

Additional geographical resources

How geomatics affects me (PDF, 4.46 MB)
image of satellite and ground tracking station

Canada’s territorial evolution
Watch an animation of how Canada’s borders have changed through the years.

Time travelling through geography (PDF, 6.92 MB)
image of satellite and ground tracking station

Geographical names in Canada
Learn about the origins of Canada’s place names.

Open Maps- allowing anyone to customize a map

The History of the Geological Survey of Canada in 175 Objects
Take a look at 175 objects that tell the story of the Geological Survey of Canada.