Act and Regulations

If you work with explosives, you should be familiar with the details of the Explosives Act and the Explosives Regulations, 2013. Briefly, the Act:

  • requires anyone working with explosives to have a licence, certificate or permit issued by the Minister of Natural Resources;
  • makes exceptions to this requirement for some explosives and storage activities and for the use of certain low-hazard explosives, low-hazard pyrotechnic devices, sporting ammunition and consumer fireworks;
  • covers fireworks, pyrotechnics, propellant powders, ammunition, rocket motors and restricted components.

The Explosives Regulations provide regulations for the safe and secure handling of explosives.

Explosives Regulations, 2013
Read the Explosives Regulations, 2013 for more details about the rules related to the safe and secure handling of explosives in Canada.

Explosives security partnership
Read about Canada’s voluntary program to protect the Canadian commercial explosives supply chain using a variety of safety and security measures.

Service standards for high-volume regulatory authorizations
Learn about Canada’s service standards for a range of activities related to explosives, from authorizations to permits, licenses and security screening.

US–Canada Regulatory Cooperation Council Regulatory Partnership Statement
Read about how Canada and the US collaborate on aligning and promoting the safe management of explosives materials.



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