Policy Analyst Recruitment and Development Program

Natural Resources Canada is looking for talented and motivated professionals to join the Policy Analyst Recruitment and Development Program (PARDP).

Apply before October 17th, 2017

Do you:

  • Want to make a difference?
  • Have a keen interest in public policy or economics?
  • Thrive for teamwork?
  • Strive for excellence?

What is PARDP?

  • The Policy Analyst Recruitment and Development Program (PARDP) is NRCan’s signature accelerated development program
  • Network of Masters and Ph.D. graduates who share a strong interest in public policy and strengthen NRCan's policy leadership capacity
  • Program participants learn how to effectively manage their careers and develop skills and knowledge necessary to become leaders in policy

Program Highlights

  • 2 rotational assignments with different NRCan sectors
  • Accelerated development - EC-03 to EC-05*
  • Continuous support and opportunities for professional development:
    • Specialized on-boarding program for participants
    • Involved performance management
    • Mentoring opportunities
  • Complete competency map with learning curriculum
  • Official language training opportunities

*Recruits must meet all program requirements to advance and graduate from the program

Rotational Assignments

Allow participants to:

  • assume diverse assignments
  • gain knowledge about how NRCan works
  • make informed decisions about individual career paths within NRCan
  • learn about various NRCan Sectors, such as: Energy, Innovation and Energy Technology, Canadian Forest Service, Lands and Minerals, Strategic Policy and Results, Major Projects Management Office, etc.

What We Offer

  • Collaborative community of policy analysts and economists
  • Full-time, permanent federal government employment
  • Starting salary at the EC-03 level (from $63,428)
  • Graduate* at the EC-05 level (from $81,858)
  • Competitive compensation and benefits

*Subject to successfully meeting performance evaluation objectives


The National Capital Region: A great place to work, a great place to live…

  • Canada’s historic Capital: A cosmopolitan, bilingual environment with endless activities, events and festivals
  • Nature at your doorstep: Skiing or hiking in the Gatineau Park, over 170 kilometers of recreational pathways and skating along the “world’s largest skating rink” are just a few of the outdoor activities that Ottawa has to offer
  • Young and vibrant multi-cultural community
  • Ottawa ranks as one of the world’s top cities for its quality of life!

Some of the Program Requirements

Graduation with a Master’s Degree or PhD from a recognized post-secondary institution that will be completed no later than December 31, 2018, with a combination of three half undergraduate or graduate courses in economics, sociology or statistics.

Demonstrating integrity and respect
Interpersonal skills and collaboration
Showing initiative and being action-oriented
Written communication
Oral communication

What Participants are Saying:

image d'un homme

Dimitri Maxime Temnikov, Policy Analyst, Energy Policy Branch, Energy Sector (2017 PARDP recruit)

One day I’m writing a short article about provincial electricity markets, the next I’m submitting electricity data to the International Energy Agency, or working with teams in the U.S. and Mexico to develop a map of North–American energy infrastructure. Government also provides tremendous leadership opportunities. I’ve really enjoyed helping the Young Professionals Network organize insightful and fun events.

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Pratibha Dhillon, Policy Analyst, Policy and Economics Branch, Lands and Minerals Sector (2015 PARDP recruit)

Your acceptance into NRCan's recruitment program is a recognition of your academic and career excellence and a fantastic opportunity to start a career in the public service. My PARDP experience included two very different and unique assignments that provided me with interesting and challenging opportunities to grow professionally and personally. A key lesson I have learned is that your attitude and how you handle different challenges and opportunities will ultimately define the outcomes of the program for you.

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Lyne Maheu, Policy Analyst, Canadian Oil, Refining, and Energy Security Division, Energy Sector (2015 PARDP recruit)

NRCan’s recruitment program allowed me to jump-start my career within the federal government while working on various files both challenging and rewarding. I have quickly built a network of contacts within the program and worked with colleagues and managers that have become mentors. The program and the department offer an ongoing learning environment.

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Jeremie Lebel, Policy Analyst, International Affairs Division, Strategic Policy and Results Sector (2015 PARDP recruit)

My job is a great way to indulge my passion for public affairs. There is no end of things to learn, and my work is always aimed at supporting Canada’s interests, so work is personally rewarding and socially useful.

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Amélie Veillette, Policy Analyst, Trade and International Affairs Division, Canadian Forest Service (2015 PARDP recruit)

NRCan’s recruitment program has been a unique opportunity to join the federal public service. The two rotational assignments really allowed me to explore different career paths within the organization. I have also had the chance to build a strong professional network through my new colleagues and managers as well as the program management.

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Nicolas Duval-Mace, Policy Advisor, Canadian Forest Service

Since 2007 I've been working with CFS the Canadian Forest Service, following a very exciting and formative assignment with SPI the Science and Policy Integration Sector in 2006. The PARDP has been a great launch pad for me at NRCan, providing me with highly valuable coaching, mentoring and support at all levels. Over the years I have been offered exciting positions in other federal departments but I chose to stay with NRCan because of the unparalleled work environment that I found here.

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Véronique Aubry, Manager, Innovation & Energy Technology Sector

It has been 10 years since I was recruited at NRCan through PARDP, and the learning opportunities have not slowed down. The PARDP learning and mentoring opportunities as well as the networks forged over the years have been instrumental in developing my skills which continue to help me today as a new manager.

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Jon Hildebrand, Policy Analyst, Innovation & Energy Technology Sector

The PARDP program has been an invaluable experience that has provided me with the tools and support necessary to succeed in the public service, and in my current role working to support innovation in Canada's energy technology sector.