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What PARDP participants are saying

Read some testimonials from current and past PARDP participants.

Jeiel Onel Mezil

Jeiel Onel Mezil (PARDP 2021)
Low-Carbon Energy Sector

Master of Science (Applied Economics), HEC Montréal

PARDP has allowed me to contribute to a range of economic analysis designed to facilitate Canada’s transition to a low-carbon economy, including projects related to electricity and economic policy related to electric vehicles. It has also offered additional learning opportunities to help facilitate my personal and professional growth, including language training and the opportunity to build a solid network in the public service.

Lucas Turpin

Lucas Turpin (PARDP 2021)
Indigenous Relations and Major Projects Sector

Master of Public Policy, Vanderbilt University

PARDP has offered me the opportunity to work on many diverse and challenging files, such as supporting UNDRIP legislation and implementation, from a reconciliation perspective. Being in a department with a mandate to focus on science, the economy, and the environment provides endless opportunities to contribute to a wide range of issues, while developing valuable policy and program experience.”

Kristen Vitullo

Kristen Vitullo (PARDP 2021)
Canadian Forestry Sector (CFS)

Master of Science in Sustainability Management, University of Toronto

PARDP has given me the opportunity to better understand NRCan’s role and strategic priorities as they relate to natural resource management in Canada. Over the last two years, I have been able to work with different teams on policy development and program delivery while taking part in a fun and supportive PARDP community.

My experience as a PARDP participant has been invaluable and I will bring what I have learned with me going forward in my career as a policy analyst.

Cathy Chen

Cathy Chen (PARDP 2017)
Innovation and Energy Technology Sector

Masters of Public Administration, Columbia University

The greatest benefit I've received from my PARDP experience has been the opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge towards a meaningful career and fulfilling a dream I've had since grad school: working on Mission Innovation. Had it not been for the well-run PARDP recruitment and matching process with hiring managers, I would not have landed in such an ideal team that fully aligns with my educational background and passions.

Dimitri Temnikov

Dimitri Temnikov (PARDP 2017)
Innovation and Energy Technology Sector

Master of Energy Systems, University of Melbourne

Thanks to PARDP, I am learning how data is used to inform clean growth policies, about the mechanisms through which government invests in innovative research and development, and how to effectively communicate the essentials of any issue. While working in a bureaucratic organization has its challenges, I am constantly motivated by the passion, expertise, and resourcefulness of my fellow PARDPs and NRCan colleagues.

Tomas Delsolar Gunn

Tomas Delsolar Gunn (PARDP 2017)
Land and Minerals Sector

Master of Political Science, Carleton University

From French training opportunities to learning about the world of GIS mapping, the Policy Analyst Recruitment and Development Program has provided me with a range of opportunities to build on my skill-set and develop a strong foundation for my career as a policy analyst. The network of graduates offers great mentorship opportunities and allows you to connect with others at similar stages in their careers.

Audrey Cheung

Audrey Cheung (PARDP 2017)
Major Projects Management Office

Master of Political Science, University of Calgary

The Major Projects Management Office has been a great place to learn about horizontal inter-departmental coordination initiatives and work closely with senior analysts and executives.

Hooria Raza

Hooria Raza (PARDP 2018)
Canadian Forestry Service

Master of Economic Policy, McMaster University

The PARDP program has given me a head start in my career. The rotational component offers a valuable opportunity to explore different career paths in the public service, and the program provides many other opportunities to learn and grow professionally. These include unique access to resources like guest speakers, language training, mentors, and networking with people across different sectors at NRCan.

Wrenna Robertson

Wrenna Robertson (PARDP 2016)
Energy Sector

Master of Science (Plant Chemistry), University of British Columbia

Through PARDP, I have had the opportunity to take direct action on climate change through my work on the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change; to help ensure that our policies and programs equitably benefit all Canadians as lead for Gender Based Analysis; and to support evidence-based policy and program development by contributing to government-wide policy experimentation.

In short, the program has offered an unparalleled introduction to the vastly diverse and meaningful world that is policy – and provided me with a limitless career that I love.

Monica Reed

Monica Reed (PARDP 2017)
Innovation and Energy Technology Sector

Master of Marine Management, Dalhousie University

PARDP has been an ideal introduction to the public service. With access to unique development opportunities, language training, and a network of people across the department, the program has supported significant professional growth and has allowed me to cultivate meaningful connections. I was able to utilize the PARDP network to find many intriguing opportunities and will soon rotate to a dream position for the final year of the program.

Mark Carras

Mark Carras (PARDP 2017)
Energy Sector

Master of Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University

Being in PARDP has provided me with a new and expanded network of established and up-and-coming leaders, exposure to senior executives, and the chance to be involved in a reputable program that can be leveraged to open new professional opportunities inside and outside of the department. Being new to Ottawa when I started the program, PARDP also provided an immediate social network of with whom I could share my thoughts and the challenges of being a civil servant, as well as explore the national capital region.

Christine Martel-Fleming

Christine Martel-Fleming (PARDP 2018)
Land and Minerals Sector

Master of Public Policy, University of Toronto

Since beginning my first PARDP rotation with the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan Secretariat, I have been exposed to new opportunities and challenges on a daily basis. Whether it's helping to facilitate a stakeholder engagement session across Canada, presenting to a group of Director Generals on the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan, or developing a jurisdictional analysis of Canada's global mining competitors, I continually feel encouraged and supported in my professional development.

Curtis McKinney

Curtis McKinney (PARDP 2016)
Indigenous Partnerships Office – West

Master of Public Policy, University of Calgary

Through PARDP, I received an incredible amount of support and agency to pursue initiatives I was passionate about. This led to my cohort teaming up to design and execute a project that amounted a very unique development opportunity that contributed to the work of several teams within NRCan. For a development program, PARDP has a lot to offer if you're willing to go after it.

Amélie Veillette

Amélie Veillette (PARDP 2015)
Innovation and Energy Technology Sector

Master of International Relations, Université Laval

PARDP allowed me to explore different career paths and to build a strong professional network that continues to support my development and to provide me with interesting and challenging opportunities.

Alex Miller

Alex Miller (PARDP 2017)
Land and Minerals Sector

Master of Science (Water Science, Policy and Management), University of Oxford

PARDP has provided me with an excellent network of current and past participants, which has allowed me to extend my professional network across NRCan and learn about different initiatives in Government. The professional development opportunities, such as language and skill training, have been immensely beneficial thus far in my career.

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