Clean Growth Program


Action on Clean Growth

Clean growth is good for our planet and our pocketbooks. That is why we introduced the Clean Growth Program (CGP), which provides $155 million for clean technology research and development (R&D) and demonstration projects in Canada’s energy, mining and forestry sectors.

This program covers five areas focused on pressing environmental challenges and economic opportunities facing Canada’s natural resource operations:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas and air-polluting emissions
  • Minimizing landscape disturbances and improving waste management
  • The production and use of advanced materials and bioproducts
  • Efficient energy use and productivity
  • Reducing water use and impacts on aquatic ecosystems

Before you get started

A project is eligible if it advances a pre-commercial clean technology, between technology readiness levels 3 to 9, in Canada’s Energy, Mining, or Forest sectors. All projects will be required to secure provincial and/or territorial support (financially and/or in-kind) by the full project proposal phase in order to be eligible for funding under this program.

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Steps to make it happen

Step 1

Read our Letter of Interest (LOI) Applicant’s Guide

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Step 2

Complete and submit your LOI submission details before the anticipated deadline of February 7, 2018 by 12:00 p.m. EST

Step 3

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Clean growth is good for our planet, and for our economy.

By supporting the development and adoption of clean technologies in our energy, mining, and forestry sectors, we are reducing their environmental impacts and boosting their competitiveness, to ensure they remain a source of jobs for years to come.

We’re preserving our planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting an overall cleaner environment, and economy.

In a world that increasingly values sustainable practices and environmentally friendly processes, we’re supporting Canadian farmers by providing access to funding for agri-food innovation.

We’ve developed a strategy to help Canadian businesses become world leaders in clean technology by improving access to global market opportunities.

From our biggest cities to our most remote communities, our investment in green infrastructure aims to rebuild Canada.

We’re helping Canadian businesses grow, and innovate by funding clean technology initiatives.

And together, we’re building a Hub where clean tech businesses can find the support they need.

Clean growth is at the centre of our commitment to Canadians, and is critical to the preservation of our natural resources for generations to come.

That is why the Government of Canada is investing $200 million to support the advancement of clean technologies in natural resources, of which $155 million will be dedicated to Clean Growth in Energy, Mining and Forestry sectors.

In collaboration with the provinces and territories, we are making good on our commitments, creating jobs, and helping sectors grow and compete in a global marketplace.

It’s one part of an overall $2B clean growth strategy for Canadians, and more evidence of Canada’s commitment to accelerating the global clean energy revolution through Mission Innovation.

Together we will build a cleaner future for Canada.

Is this program for you?

Eligible recipients include legal entities validly incorporated or registered in Canada:

  • Indigenous organizations and groups;
  • For-profit and not-for-profit organizations;
  • Federal research centres;
  • Community groups;
  • Canadian post-secondary institutions; and
  • Provincial, territorial, regional and municipal governments and their departments and agencies, where applicable.

Who are our partners?

We coordinate extensively with provinces and territories to:

  • ensure investments are helping Canada meet its climate change goals;
  • create economic opportunities; and
  • expand global-market opportunities.

What makes the Clean Growth Program unique?

The program also puts into action the Government of Canada’s new collaborative approach of doing business by leveraging investments in publicly funded research, research centres and provincial and territorial funding programs to better mobilize clean technologies.

The program will advance emerging clean technologies toward commercial readiness so that natural resource operations can better reduce their impacts on air, land, and water, while enhancing competitiveness and creating jobs.

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Successful applicants will be contacted in winter 2017–2018, with final project selections in summer 2018.

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