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Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise Program


Although there are many climate change adaptation resources and tools available, organizations and individuals often lack the capacity to use them. That’s why the Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise (BRACE) Program is investing in training, knowledge-exchange activities and practical action to increase the capacity of organizations, professionals, communities and small- to medium-sized businesses to undertake climate change adaptation actions.

Twenty projects are co-funded and underway. They target several themes, including infrastructure, forest and water management, and nature-based solutions. Project activities, such as courses, workshops, networks and internships, help engineers, planners, resource managers, recent graduates and others develop the competencies (knowledge, skills and behaviour) needed to act on adaptation.

BRACE projects

Below is a list of projects funded under the BRACE Program.

Project Number [Hidden field] Project Title Project Lead Project Objective Region Topics NRCan Funding Total Funding
AP700 Building and Sustaining Infrastructure Resilience Through Targeted Climate Adaptation Training for Professionals in Newfoundland and Labrador Memorial University of Newfoundland This project is building capacity amongst engineers, planners and municipalities in Newfoundland and Labrador to help inform planning and decision‑making activities that will make infrastructure more resilient to climate change. It is preparing a series of case studies specific to the region, delivering targeted adaptation training and facilitating workshops to foster enhanced collaboration amongst diverse stakeholders involved in infrastructure planning and implementation. Newfoundland and Labrador Engineering; Urban and regional planning $212,290 $483,310
BR001 Natural and Nature-Based Infrastructure Capacity Building for Engineers, Land Use Planners and Environmental Organizations in New Brunswick The New Brunswick Environmental Network This project is working with engineers, land use planners and environmental organizations across New Brunswick to enhance the uptake of natural infrastructure and nature-based solutions in adaptation efforts. The project is preparing a public inventory of existing initiatives, developing and delivering training, and facilitating a regional community of practice to promote knowledge sharing and collaboration. New Brunswick Nature-based solutions $421,300 $870,600
BR002 ClimateSense – Leading Climate Change Training and Programs Government of Prince Edward Island This project is building the capacity of professionals and recent graduates in Prince Edward Island to understand and manage adaptation in their work through the delivery of online and in-person training. The project is also managing an internship program providing recent graduates with professional development opportunities and building adaptation capacity within host organizations across the province. Prince Edward Island Engineering; Health; Nature-based solutions; Urban and regional planning $1,000,000 $2,168,550
BR003 Building Capacity of New Brunswick Woodlot Owners to Adapt to Climate Change New Brunswick Federation of Woodlot Owners This project is building the capacity of foresters and forest technicians in New Brunswick to incorporate climate change adaptation in woodlot management plans, as well as the capacity of private woodlot owners to implement adaptation measures. The project is developing climate change adaptation guidelines and tools, delivering training and online resources, and facilitating a community of practice. New Brunswick Natural resources $360,624 $768,761
BR004 Inspiring Climate Action: BC Professionals’ Adaptation Network Royal Roads University This project is increasing the capacity of professionals in British Columbia to integrate climate change considerations in their advice, decision making and actions related to adaptation issues. The project is developing and delivering continuing professional development materials and training, and establishing a climate change adaptation knowledge network that will leverage and share existing adaptation expertise amongst stakeholders working in diverse disciplines and sectors. British Columbia Engineering; Urban and regional planning $1,083,880 $2,161,580
BR006 Building Capacity for Community Hydrologic Drought Response Saskatchewan Water Security Agency This project is building the capacity of municipalities in Saskatchewan to manage hydrologic drought in the context of a changing climate, including impacts on water supply and quality. The project is developing a series of fact sheets and informational materials, and working with communities to prepare drought response plans. Saskatchewan Community planning; Water resource management $141,000 $308,800
BR007 Water Management Capacity Building to Achieve Climate Resilience Saskatchewan Water Security Agency This project is developing and delivering adult education materials and workshops for private landowners in Saskatchewan on the intersections of climate change and water management. The project is also building the capacity of engineers, agrologists and applied science technologists to effectively manage water for agricultural purposes, with consideration for future climate change impacts. Saskatchewan Agriculture;

Water resource management
$446,940 $925,040
BR009 Climate Adaptation Leadership Program Government of Nova Scotia This project is building the adaptive capacity of value chain stakeholders within different sectors in Nova Scotia — including health, agriculture, and cultural heritage — to proactively assess risks and opportunities, respond to climate change and integrate adaptation into business practices. Capacity will be enhanced through adaptation leadership training coupled with active participation of value chain stakeholders in the development, implementation and evaluation of sectoral adaptation strategies and plans. Nova Scotia Agriculture; Health; Industry and business; Tourism, culture and heritage $1,000,000 $3,842,500
BR010 Climate Resiliency: Capacity Building for Manitoba Decision Makers Government of Manitoba This project is the first phase of a larger initiative that will build the capacity and expertise of professionals (including engineers and planners), the business community in Northern Manitoba and Indigenous organizations and communities to address risks associated with a changing climate in areas such as land use, water management and infrastructure. This first phase includes engagement sessions with key stakeholders in the province to evaluate options for building capacity to integrate adaptation into planning and decision making. Manitoba Engineering; Industry and business; Urban and regional planning $31,500 $68,400
BR012 Fire with Fire: Braiding Indigenous and Scientific Knowledge of Fire Management to Enhance Climate Change Resilience in Alberta The Resilience Institute (formerly the Rockies Institute) This project is collaborating with Indigenous communities, scientific experts and decision makers in Alberta to inform innovative practices for wildfire management in the context of climate change, drawing on traditional and scientific knowledge. The project will develop participatory videos, organize knowledge-sharing events and deliver workshops to enhance understanding of the fire-related risks and of the approaches to fire management. Alberta Fire management; Traditional knowledge $500,000 $935,458
BR013 Adaptation Resiliency Training (ART) Program Government of Alberta This project is building the capacity of professionals in Alberta to integrate adaptation into their work. The project is delivering online training modules, in-person workshops and a catalogue of climate change adaptation and resilience training resources across four streams: 1) infrastructure, 2) community planning, 3) watershed management and 4) industry and business. The project is also establishing a network of young professionals in climate change adaptation. Alberta Engineering; Water resource management; Urban and regional planning;

Industry and business;

Community planning
$500,000 $1,124,850
BR014 Scoping Priorities for Building Adaptation Capacity of First Nations in Northern Ontario, Including the Need for a Regional Adaptation Knowledge Exchange Network Laurentian University This project is undertaking scoping work to assess priorities for building adaptation capacity of First Nations in the Far North of Ontario. Through collaboration with Indigenous co-leads, the project is exploring the feasibility and value of various options for future capacity‑building work, including the establishment of a regional Indigenous adaptation knowledge exchange network. Ontario Traditional knowledge $66,754 $93,105
BR015 Incorporating Climate Resilience for Municipal Infrastructure into the Updates of Existing Atlantic Canada Water and Wastewater Design Guidelines Atlantic Canada Water and Wastewater Association This project is undertaking multi-stakeholder consultations to incorporate climate change adaptation into updates for the Atlantic Canada water and wastewater design guidelines. This project will host a consultation workshop in each of the Atlantic provinces, which will be coupled with capacity-building activities for end users of the guidelines. Atlantic Engineering $318,116 $645,655
BR016 Climate Change Adaptation Capacity Building for New Brunswick Engineers University of Moncton This project is building the capacity of engineers in New Brunswick to incorporate climate change adaptation into their practice. The project is delivering locally relevant tools and case studies, and in-person and online training. New Brunswick Engineering $234,866 $517,113
BR017 Development and Delivery of a Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Training Program for Professional Planners in Ontario Climate Risk Institute This project is building the capacity of professional planners in Ontario to integrate climate change adaptation into their practice through the development and delivery of training on climate change adaptation relevant to the planning profession. Ontario Urban and regional planning $291,500 $583,000
BR020 Building Capacity and Resilience to Climate Impacts in Key Economic Sectors in Newfoundland and Labrador Government of Newfoundland and Labrador This project is building the adaptation capacity of stakeholders in key economic sectors across Newfoundland and Labrador, including fisheries, forestry, agriculture, tourism and mining. Using a collaborative and process-based approach to adaptation capacity building, the project is delivering activities and undertaking stakeholder engagement through three pillars: 1) climate change education and awareness, 2) climate change risks and opportunities, and 3) training and moving to action. Newfoundland and Labrador Agriculture; Industry and business; Natural resources; Tourism, culture and heritage $984,105 $2,134,187
BR022 Benchmarking Knowledge and Understanding of Climate Change in the Planning Profession Canadian Institute of Planners This project is undertaking a national benchmarking exercise on climate-related knowledge and capacity needs amongst professional planners as well as conducting a comparative analysis with findings from previous assessments. The findings from this project will help to inform future efforts for building the capacity of planners to incorporate climate change considerations into their practice. National Urban and regional planning $17,500 $35,800
BR024 Building Climate Change Adaptation Capacity of First Nations in Far Northern Ontario Through Knowledge Exchange and Collaboration Laurentian University This project is building regional climate change adaptation capacity amongst First Nations communities in the Far North of Ontario. The Laurentian University is co-leading this project in collaboration with tribal councils and First Nations in the region. Capacity‑building activities include co-producing adaptation knowledge-sharing workshops and tools, and establishing an Indigenous regional adaptation knowledge exchange network. Ontario Traditional knowledge $841,476 $1,183,156
BR025 Professionals and Adaptation to Climate Change Laval University This project is developing a training program aimed at increasing the competencies and abilities required to implement adaptation to climate change, particularly among engineering, urban planning and architecture professionals. Quebec Engineering; Urban and regional planning; Architecture $1,000,000 $2,215,987

About the program

BRACE is a five-year (2017–2022), $18-million initiative under the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change plan. BRACE topics were identified by working with the provinces and the cost-shared projects are being led by partners using a range of delivery approaches, including specialized training, internships and regional communities of practice. The BRACE Committee, comprised of project leads and provincial representatives, promotes knowledge exchange across projects and regions, shares lessons learned, and advises on gaps and opportunities to scale up adaptation action.

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