What We Do

Management Services and International Affairs Division provides strategic guidance for ESS international cooperation initiatives and contributes to strengthening the Canadian earth sciences presence on target international markets. International cooperation is undertaken through sustainable development projects and capacity building based on Canadian knowledge and expertise in the earth sciences. 

Management Services and International Affairs Division provides support to the sector in business practices.  It promotes sound corporate management within the Sector to protect and preserve the integrity of national and international collaborative agreements. The Division assists in managing business relationships and intellectual property, and provides coordination and advice in planning and performance measurement activities.

The Division develops and supports the Sector’s international strategy, advancing its mission to promote sustainable development in Canada and abroad by facilitating scientific collaboration, trade, investment and development cooperation between the Canadian earth sciences sector and international partners, and by pushing the limits of Canadian excellence in the areas of geomatics and geosciences.

For more information on the responsibilities and activities of Management Services and International Affairs Division, see Who We Are.