CanVec: Update is Now Available!

December 15, 2017

This CanVec release includes the following updates:

  • Update of toponyms
  • Update of the National Railway Network (RNWN) for British Columbia at the scale 1:50 000
  • Update of National Road Network (NRN) for Northwest Territories at the scale 1:50 000
    Note: Update of the road between Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk only
  • Catalogue updates (Elimination of Aboriginal Land and Municipality entities in the Administrative Features Theme at the scale 1:50 000)
  • Correction of 9 discrepancies for datasets and metadata


For more information, please refer to the CanVec - Release Note (accessible version).

Access CanVec data as prepackaged files through the FTP site, or by defining a custom area for downloading through the Geospatial Data Extraction tool.