Canada Centre for Remote Sensing

Globe with tiled images of remote sensing data, satellites and technology. Blue background with binary code overlay

Canada Centre for Remote Sensing

The Canada Centre for Remote Science (CCRS) is Canada’s Centre of Excellence in remote sensing science, sensors, and data.

CCRS operates as a division of the Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation (CCMEO), conducting research and delivering remote sensing science and expertise on behalf of the Government of Canada.

Research Areas
Explore CCRS research on sensors, methods, tools, processing software and the many research applications of remote sensing data.

Remote Sensing Publications
Search for remote sensing science publications by theme, or by your own search criteria.

Educational Resources
Access tutorials, exercises and quizzes on the fundamentals of remote sensing, radar remote sensing, polarimetry and satellite data reception.

Collaborate With Us

Contact us about opportunities in educational, research and development, or scientific and technical cooperation.