For Land Administrators

Information for Land Administrators

Survey systems provide land administrators with the location and extent of parcels of land and enable management of property rights.  Legal survey plans and cadastral datasets for geographical information systems (GIS) are available to support Land Administrators with interests in Canada Lands.  

The legal survey plans define boundaries while the cadastral datasets are amalgamations of all the parcel and plan information of a given region.  The cadastral dataset is a valuable tool to support planning and management, but should not be used for defining boundaries.


Legal survey plans on Canada Lands are recorded in the Canada Lands Survey Records.

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Cadastral datasets of Canada Lands are available for viewing and downloading into a geographical information system (GIS).

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Legal surveys on Canada Lands are carried out by professional surveyors licenced to practice on Canada Lands.   The Association of Canada Lands Surveyors is the national body responsible for licencing and regulating these professionals.

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