Tools and Applications – Canada Lands Surveys

The following tools and applications require JavaScript to be enabled.

Search tools for the Canada Lands Survey Records

Canada Lands in Google Earth – an overlay providing an integrated view of boundaries and parcels in Google Earth
CLSS Map Browser - an interactive, map based plan and parcel search tool
Survey Plan Search – a text based search tool for all current and historical records
Survey Project Search - a text based search tool for in-progress survey projects

See Data Overview for more information about these tools.

See Important Notes regarding CLSS Map Browser and Canada Lands in Google Earth.

Oil and Gas Tools

The land division system used for describing the extent of oil and gas interests located in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut or in Canada's offshore area is defined in the Canada Oil and Gas Land Regulations. This land division system consists of a grid system divided into Grid Areas, Sections, and Units – all referenced to the North American Datum of 1927 (NAD27).  The following are available to support work within this system:

Oil and Gas grid converter tool  - computes the NAD83 coordinates and surface areas for the corresponding NAD27 Grid Areas, Sections and Units

Oil and Gas grid information in ShapefileTM format - a geo-spatial representation of the land division system, in NAD83 coordinates in ShapefileTM format. The dataset is composed of three layers: Grid Areas; Sections; and Units.

Well Offsets Tool - computes the offset of a point on the NAD83 datum with respect to the unit boundaries in which it is located and computes the corner coordinates and boundary azimuths for the corresponding Grid Area, Section and Unit