2009 Strategic Plan

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It is my pleasure and privilege to launch the 2009 Geodetic Survey Division (GSD) strategic plan: Providing precise measurements of the size, shape and motion of the Earth and its gravity field in support of geoscience and geomatics for the benefit of Canadians!

In this year of the Centenary of the GSD, it is timely to launch this document setting the stage for the future of the organization.  The plan highlights the need for the GSD to respond to Canadian citizen concerns by focusing on making unique contributions within its mandate. These contributions involve providing reliable geographic and gravimetric reference frames to support high accuracy positioning and geodetic measurements of the dynamic earth. Such measurements contribute to research on water, climate change, and natural hazards and other issues affecting Canada’s citizens.

The GSD will focus on four key areas, all within its mandate:

  1. Provide the fundamental geodetic systems and infrastructure needed to strengthen the safety and security of Canadians and the stewardship of Canada's natural resources and lands.
  2. Align scientific efforts with the following three issues:
    • Geographic foundation
    • Water and climate change
    • Natural hazards
  3. Lead standards development and priority setting.
  4. Champion change and mobilize partners.

By focusing on these areas and collaborating with universities, scientists, and other organizations, GSD intends to maintain its relevance to Canadians. GSD will achieve this relevance by continuing to provide services that contribute to the country’s economic and social well being.

The future is full of challenges for the division, but this plan clearly expresses our direction and intentions for the benefit of all Canadians.

Denis Hains
Director, Geodetic Survey Division
Natural Resources Canada