General On-Line Search Instructions

To locate air photos on our new web application, see the National Earth Observation Data Framework (NEODF) Catalogue.

Please note:  you are not required to register for an account to perform a search. However, only registered users can save the results of a search and retrieve these results later, during another visit on the NEODF website. Multiple search results may be saved by using a different file name for each results list. Also, only registered users may place an online order.

Once you have entered the application and a map of Canada has successfully loaded, follow the steps included below:

  1.  Click on the "Selection method" tool in the menu to the left of the map of Canada. This box will expand to give you 3 options to choose from: "Enter Coordinates", "Draw on map" and "Geographic Location". For the "Geographic Location" option, you can use an official place name (toponym), a National Topographic System map number (NTS) or a Canadian postal code (code FSA (K1G)). Enter the information as needed, the map should then zoom over to the area of interest specified.
  2. You may want to refine the Area of Interest (the search area): Click on the "Draw on Map" option, 5 icons will be displayed at the lower edge of the map. By moving the arrow over the icons you can identify the usage of each tool. You may use the rectangular tool to draw on the map a rectangular search box as the new Area of Interest (Search Area). You can use also the polygon tool and draw an irregular polygon as the new Area of Interest (Search Area). You can also skip this point.
  3. Do not forget to select the "NAPL" check box from the "Airborne" option on the lower end of the menu displayed on the left side of the map.
  4. Click on the "Execute Query" button situated at the lower end of the menu at the left side of the map.
  5. A table should appear below the map with all the available photos for your area of interest.
  6. You can click on the check box situated at the left end of each line of the results table and the foot print of the selected photo will be displayed over the map.
  7. If you are a registered user, you may now place on online order: you can click on the Order check box for the desired photos.

Please Note

While the National Air Photo Library endeavours to display the coverage of each air photo as accurately as possible within the online application, the outline depicted is a theoretical "footprint" based on a number of variables such as aircraft altitude, camera focal length and ground elevation. Variations in the methods used to record flight line data as well as the process used to digitize this data will result in differences between the theoretical "footprint" and the actual air photo coverage

Moreover, if you are ordering photos from the northern part of Canada, i.e., above the 60th parallel of latitude, please verify your choice of air photos with NAPL staff before submitting your order. This request is necessary due to the number of errors we are finding with previously input flight line data for the north. The map projection creates spatial distortion as you move further north and air photo footprint displacement is therefore more apparent in these areas. Your attention to this request will ensure that you will receive the correct air photos for your application. Thank you.

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