National Earth Observation Data Framework & Catalogue

The NEODF Catalogue (NEODF-Cat) is a system concept that illustrates a novel approach to improving access to Earth Observation (EO) data and products.



The NEODF is demonstrating innovative approaches to showcase how Government of Canada (GoC) users can discover and access EO products from a suite of satellites and airborne collections (the National Air Photo Library).



The NEODF-Cat enables public and government users to intelligently search and easily access the GoC EO raw and product archives managed by NRCan. The search capability features advanced geospatial "Region of interest" (ROI) operators, high-quality Quicklook images, and tools to manage queries and archive access.



The NEODF system, including NEODF-Cat, is being designed, developed and maintained by Natural Resources Canada. We welcome both feedback to improve the current version, as well as comments and ideas that can further the development of an integrated national system. Contact us at:



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