Earth Sciences Sector Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is an asset of tangible value, and as such, is of significant importance to the Earth Sciences Sector. As with any other major asset, intellectual property must be carefully managed. The effective control and exploitation of intellectual property are essential elements in the fulfillment of the sector's mandate, and the commitment to help Canada increase and maintain its competitive edge.

The sector is committed to providing industry with opportunities to commercialize its intellectual property rather than undertaking commercialization itself. When making intellectual property available to the private sector for commercialization, the government is committed to following a fair and open process for identifying and selecting companies.

Intellectual property developed by Earth Sciences Sector is managed by the Management Services and International Affairs Division and may only be used with the express written permission of an authorized manager in the Earth Sciences Sector.  In most cases, this authority will be granted in the form of an Licence Agreement. In negotiating licences with the private sector, the Government of Canada seeks a fair return on its investments while recognizing the company’s need to build a viable business.