ecoENERGY for Renewable Power

Projects with Contribution Agreements under the ecoENERGY for Renewable Power Program

Name of the
Registration Number Name of Project Location of the Project Capacity of Project (MW) Program* Date of Commissioning (M/D/Y)
Cartier énergie éolienne (BDS) Inc. 5911-C10-2 Parc éolien de Baie-des-Sables Baie-des-Sables, QC 109.50 March 31, 2007
PEI Energy Corp. 5911-P3-2 East Point Wind Plant Elmira, PE 30.00 March 31, 2007
Brookfield Power Wind Prince LP 5911-S1-1 Prince Wind Energy Project Sault Ste. Marie, ON 189.00 March 31, 2007
Suncor Energy Products Inc. 5911-S7-5 Chin Chute Wind Farm Taber, AB 30.00 March 31, 2007
Norway Wind Energy Limited Partnership 5911-V4-12 Norway Wind Park Norway, PE 9.00 June 14, 2007
Kettles Hill Wind Energy Inc. 5911-B1-1 Kettles Hill Wind Project Pincher Creek, AB 54.00 July 17, 2007
Brilliant Expansion Power Corporation 5913-B9-1 Brilliant Expansion Project Castlegar, BC 120.00 September 6, 2007
Cartier énergie éolienne (AAV) Inc. 5911-C10-3 Parc éolien de l'Anse-à-Valleau l'Anse-à-Valleau , QC 100.50 November 9, 2007
Magpie Limited Partnership 5913-M8-1 Centrale hydroélectrique rivière Magpie Municipalité de Rivière Saint-Jean, Rivière Magpie , QC 38.85 November 9, 2007
Suncor Energy Products Inc. 5911-S7-4 Ripley Wind Power Project Ripley, ON 76.00 January 1, 2008
Sky Generation LP 5911-A10-2 Ravenswood Wind Farm Ravenswood, ON 9.90 March 31, 2008
Glace Bay Lingan Wind Power Ltd 5911-C7-1 Glace Bay Lingan Wind Farm Lingan, NS 11.50 March 31, 2008
Leader Resources Services Corp 5911-S9-1 Providence Bay Wind Farm Providence, ON 0.80 March 31, 2008
Advanced Energy Systems 1 LP 5913-A12-1 South Cranberry Creek Power Project Revelstoke, BC 9.35 March 31, 2008
Hauer Creek Power Inc. 5913-H7-1 Hauer Creek Power Tete Jaune (valemount), BC 3.00 March 31, 2008
AIM SOP Phase I L.P. 5911-A18-2 Cultus Wind Farm Clear Creek, ON 9.90 June 11, 2008
AIM SOP Phase I L.P. 5911-A18-3 Frogmore Wind Farm Clear Creek, ON 9.90 June 11, 2008
Enbridge Renewable Energy Infrastructure Limited Partnership 5911-C9-1 Cruickshank Wind Farm South of Tiverton, ON 8.25 September 30, 2008
AIM SOP Phase I L.P. 5911-A18-4 Mohawk Point Wind Farm East of Dunnville, ON 9.90 October 16, 2008
Kruger Energy Port Alma LP 5911-K2-2 Kruger Energy Port Alma Wind Power Project Port Alma, ON 101.20 October 31, 2008
Umbata Falls Limited Partnership 5913-U2-1 Umbata Falls Hydroelectric Project Marathon, ON 23.60 November 11, 2008
AIM SOP Phase I L.P. 5911-A18-1 Clear Creek Wind Farm Clear Creek, ON 9.90 November 13, 2008
Cartier énergie éolienne (CAR) Inc. 5911-C10-1 Parc éolien de Carleton Carleton, QC 109.50 November 21, 2008
Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. 5911-C1-6 Melancthon II Wind Project Shelburne, ON 132.00 December 1, 2008
Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. 5911-T6-1 Kent Hills Wind Farm Albert County, NB 96.00 December 31, 2008
Enel Atlantic Canada Limited Partnership 5911-C3-1 St. Lawrence Wind Energy Project St. Lawrence, NL 27.00 January 28, 2009
Synex Energy Resources Ltd 5913-S15-1 Cypress Creek Hydroelectric Project Gold River, BC 2.84 February 6, 2009
Enbridge Renewable Energy Infrastructure Limited Partnership 5911-L2-1 Enbridge Ontario Wind Power Project Kincardine, ON 181.50 March 9, 2009
West Cape Wind Energy Inc. 5911-W14-1 West Cape Wind Park (Phase II) West Cape, PE 79.20 March 24, 2009
Fermeuse Wind Power Corp. 5911-S10-6 Fermeuse Wind Power Project Fermeuse, NL 27.00 May 22, 2009
District of Lake Country BC 5913-D6-1 Eldorado Hydroelectric project Lake Country, BC 1.10 June 3, 2009
Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation 5911-C2-3 Wolfe Island Wind Project Wolfe Island, ON 197.80 June 29, 2009
Rankin Renewable Power Inc. 5913-R1-2 Rankin Development of Power Generation Weirs 1, 2 and 3 - Welland Canal Locks 1, 2, and 3 of the Welland Canal, ON 6.00 October 14, 2009
Harrison Hydro LP 5913-H3-1 Kwalsa Energy (Ph1 HH) Harrison Lake, BC 90.00 October 19, 2009
Bear Mountain Wind Limited Partnership 5911-B8-1 Bear Mountain Wind Park Dawson Creek, BC 102.00 October 30, 2009
AbiBow Canada Inc. 5912-A16-1 ACCC Fort Francis Biomass Boiler Fort Frances, ON 33.70 October 31, 2009
Western Sustainable Power Inc. 5911-T6-2 Blue Trail Wind Farm Fort MacLeod, AB 66.00 November 2, 2009
Swanton Line Wind  Farm LP 5911-G14-7 Swanton Line Wind  Farm Merlin, ON 10.00 November 12, 2009
Enbridge Renewable Energy Infrastructure Limited Partnership 5915-O10-1 Sarnia Solar 2 Sarnia, ON 10.00 November 13, 2009
The Power Limited Partnership 5913-T13-1 High Falls Generating Station Sandra Twp, ON 5.80 November 15, 2009
Éoliennes Saint-Ulric Saint-Léandre S.E.C. 5911-N1-3 Parc Éolien Jardin D'Éole Matane, Quebec 127.50 November 20, 2009
Ashlu Creek Investments Limited Partnership 5913-A13-1 Ashlu Creek Green Project Squamish, BC 49.90 November 29, 2009
Caribou Wind Park Limited Partnership 5911-C23-1 Caribou Wind Park (Phase I) Bathurst, NB 99.00 November 30, 2009
Enbridge Renewable Energy Infrastructure Limited Partnership 5915-O10-3 Sarnia Solar 5 Sarnia, ON 10.00 December 4, 2009
Sky Generation LP 5911-A10-1 Proof Line Wind Farm Lambton Shores, ON 6.60 December 15, 2009
Bisnett Wind Farm LP 5911-G14-1 Bisnett Wind Farm Blenheim, ON 10.00 December 17, 2009
Tyson Creek Hydro Corp. 5913-T7-1 Tyson Creek hydro Project Narrows Inlet, BC 9.30 December 18, 2009
Zeballos Lake Hydro L.P. 5913-Z1-1 Zeballos Lake Hydro Zeballos Village, BC 22.05 December 19, 2009
Trent Rapids Power Corporation 5913-T8-1 Trent Rapids G.S. Peterborough, ON 8.00 December 31, 2009
Marsh Line Wind Farm LP 5911-G14-4 Marsh Line Wind Farm Dover Centre, ON 10.00 January 22, 2010
Front Line Wind Farm LP 5911-G14-2 Front Line Wind Farm Morepeth, ON 10.00 January 29, 2010
RMSenergy Ltd Dalhousie Mountain LP 5911-R8-1 Dalhousie Mountain Wind Farm Pictou County, NS 51.00 February 11, 2010
Western Sustainable Power Inc. 5911-T6-3 Summerview Wind Farm Phase II Pincher Creek, AB 66.00 February 23, 2010
Fitzsimmons Creek Hydro Limited Partnership 5913-F6-1 Fitzsimmons Creek Hydroelectric Project Whistler Village, BC 7.80 February 28, 2010
Maryvale Wind Limited Partnership 5911-R8-2 Maryvale Wind Farm Antigonish County, NS 6.00 March 29, 2010
City of Summerside 5911-S28-1 Summerside Wind Farm  Summerside, PE 12.00 March 30, 2010
Harrison Hydro LP 5913-H3-2 Upper Stave Energy (Phase 2 Harrison Hydro Project) North of Vancouver, BC 60.00 May 13, 2010
Clowhom Power LP 5913-H6-1 Upper Clowhom Sechelt, BC 10.99 May 24, 2010
Canoe Creek Hydro Limited Partnership 5913-C24-1 Canoe Creek Hydro Ucluelet, BC 5.50 June 15, 2010
Clowhom Power LP 5913-H6-2 Lower Clowhom Sechelt, BC 10.99 July 9, 2010
AIM Harrow Wind Farm GP Inc. 5911-A23-2 Harrow I Wind Farm Essex, ON 9.90 July 15, 2010
AIM Harrow Wind Farm GP Inc. 5911-A23-3 Harrow II Wind Farm Essex, ON 9.90 July 15, 2010
AIM Harrow Wind Farm GP Inc. 5911-A23-4 Harrow III Wind Farm Essex, ON 9.90 July 15, 2010
AIM Harrow Wind Farm GP Inc. 5911-A23-5 Harrow IV Wind Farm Essex, ON 9.90 July 15, 2010
Enbridge Renewable Energy Infrastructure Limited Partnership 5915-O10-2 Sarnia Solar 3 Sarnia, ON 10.00 July 22, 2010
Renewable Energy Services Ltd. 5911-R4-3 Point Tupper Wind Farm Port Hawkesbury, NS 22.00 August 4, 2010
Toba Montrose General Parnership (TMGP)  5913-P7-2 East Toba River and Montrose Creek Hydroelectric Project Toba Inlet, BC 234.6 August 4, 2010
Enbridge Renewable Energy Infrastructure Limited Partnership 5915-O10-7 Sarnia Solar 8 Sarnia, ON 10.00 August 10, 2010
Enbridge Renewable Energy Infrastructure Limited Partnership 5915-O10-4 Sarnia Solar 4 Sarnia, ON 10.00 August 19, 2010
Enbridge Renewable Energy Infrastructure Limited Partnership 5915-O10-8 Sarnia Solar 1 Sarnia, ON 10.00 August 20, 2010
Enbridge Renewable Energy Infrastructure Limited Partnership 5915-O10-6 Sarnia Solar 7 Sarnia, ON 10.00 August 26, 2010
Enbridge Renewable Energy Infrastructure Limited Partnership 5915-O10-5 Sarnia Solar 6 Sarnia, ON 10.00 August 27, 2010
Gosfield Wind Limited Partnership 5911-B6-2 Gosfield Wind Project Comber, ON 50.60 September 17, 2010
Naylor Wind Farm Limited Partnership 5911-G14-5 Naylor Wind Farm Essex, ON 10 October 26, 2010
Richardson Wind Farm LP 5911-G14-6 Richardson Wind Farm Tilbury, ON 10.00 November 18, 2010
Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. 5911-T6-5 Kent Hills Wind Farm Expansion Albert County, NB 54 November 21, 2010
Western Sustainable Power Inc. 5911-T6-4 Ardenville Wind Farm South-west of Ft. Macleod, AB 69 November 30, 2010
Cedar Road Bioenergy Inc. 5912-C26-1 Cedar Road Landfill Gas Utilization/ Phase One Nanaimo, BC 1.27 December 8, 2010
Gracey Wind Farm Limited Partnership 5911-G14-3 Gracey Wind Farm Tilbury, ON 10.00 December 14, 2010
Talbot Windfarm, LP 5911-R9-1 Talbot Windfarm Chatham-Kent, ON 98.9 December 16, 2010
Nova Scotia Power Incorporated 5911-S17-2 Digby Wind Power Project Digby, NS 30 December 16, 2010
Valisa Energy Incoporated 5913-V7-3 Bone Creek Hydro Project North of Blue River, BC 20.00 December 18, 2010
Société d'Énergie Rivière Franquelin Inc. 5913-S20-1 Centrale hydroélectrique de la Chute à Thompson municipalité de Franquelin, QC 9.9 December 21, 2010
Nova Scotia Power Incorporated 5911-N9-1 Nuttby Wind Farm Truro, NS 50.6 December 29, 2010
South Side Wind Farm Limited Partnership 5911-G14-9 South Side Wind Farm Essex, ON 10 December 30, 2010
Ghost Pine Windfarm, LP 5911-F4-1 Ghost Pine Windfarm Trochu, AB 81.60 December 31, 2010
Kruger Energy Chatham Limited Partnership 5911-K9-1 Kruger Energy Chatham Wind Project Chatham-Kent, ON 101.2 December 31, 2010
North Malden Wind Farm Limited Partnership 5911-G14-8 North Malden Wind Farm Essex, ON 10 January 26, 2011
Raleigh Wind Power Partnership 5911-R13-1 Raleigh Wind Energy Centre Chatham, ON 78.00 January 29, 2011
Lidya Energy, Limited Partnership 5912-L6-1 Lidya Energy Biogas Facility Lachute, QC 9.975 January 31, 2011
Arthur Wind Power Inc. 5911-A21-1 Arthur Wind Farm Arthur, ON 10.00 February 6, 2011
Dokie General Partnership 5911-D2-1 Dokie Wind Energy Project Peace Region, BC 144 February 8, 2011
Ville de Saguenay  5913-V10-1 Réflection de la Centrale Chute Garneau  St. Pierre, QC 5.318 February 28, 2011
Weyerhaeuser Company Limited 5912-W11-1 Grande Prairie Green Energy Phase I project Grande Prairie, AB 48.537 March 16, 2011
Ville de Saguenay  5913-V10-2 Réflection de la Centrale Pont-Arnaud Chicoutimi, QC 8 March 16, 2011
St. Joseph Windfarm Inc. 5911-S23-1 St. Joseph Wind Farm Phase I St. Joseph, MB 138 March 17, 2011
Lameque Wind Power LP 5911-E10-2 Lameque Wind Power Project Island of Lameque, NB 45 March 28, 2011
Watt Section Wind Limited Partnership 5911-W16-1 Watts Wind Energy Sheet Harbour, NS 1.5 March 30, 2011
Kent Breeze Corp.  5911-K8-1 Kent Breeze Thamesville, ON 10 March 31, 2011
MacLeod Windmill Project Inc.  5911-K8-2 MacLeod Windmill Thamesville, ON 10 March 31, 2011
Mont-Louis Wind LP 5911-M10-1 Mont-Louis Wind Farm St-Maxime-du-Mont-Louis, QC 100.5 March 31, 2011
Glen Dhu Wind Energy Limited Partnership 5911-S19-1 Glen Dhu Wind Farm Barney's River 62.1 March 31, 2011
Castle Rock Ridge Limited Partnership 5911-W2-1 Castle Rock Ridge 108 MW Wind Project Pincher Creek, AB 75.90 March 31, 2011
Edmundston Energy 5913-E13-1 Madawaska Hydrodam Modernization Project Edmundston, NB 4.05 March 31, 2011
      Total 4458.26  

*Commissioned Date of Projects may be different than actual and is only for the purpose of contribution agreements signed under the program.