Energy efficiency for homes

Find information on how to assess and improve the energy performance of old and new homes. Learn about the government programs and incentives that help Canadians consume less energy and save money.

Learn about energy-efficient homes

Learn about home energy performance, energy-efficient upgrades and fixtures, EnerGuide rating, benefits of an energy-efficient home.

Make your home more energy-efficient

Find out how to save energy and money by making modest investments and minor changes around your home.

Learn about buying a new energy-efficient home

Purchasing or building an energy-efficient home; energy saving innovations and options for your home.

Explore the financial incentives by province

Financial incentives, rebates, programs, provinces.

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Looking for a new home builder or want to make some energy-efficient upgrades to your home? Find a service provider in your area.

Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships (LEEP)

LEEP accelerates energy efficient construction by enabling builders to reduce their time, risk finding, and help them build higher performance homes better, faster and more affordably.

Professional opportunities

Find a service organizations, become an energy-efficient builder or energy advisor, learn about ENERGY STAR® and other tools for industry professionals.