Energy efficiency for transportation and alternative fuels

Find information on how the government is working to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by informing Canadians, businesses and governments about fuel-efficient vehicles and driving behaviours. Access tools, training, and technical expertise for commercial users seeking to green their fleets and operations.

Zero-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program

Learn about what the Program offers to support the installation of of localised EV chargers (level 2 and higher) in locations such as multi-unit residential buildings, workplaces, public places and on-street. Support is also available for strategic projects for EV and/or hydrogen infrastructure for corporate fleets, delivery fleets and mass transit.

Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Deployment Initiative

Learn about what the Program offers to support the deployment of infrastructure for alternative transportation fuels, including charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and natural gas and hydrogen refuelling stations.

Electric charging and alternative fuelling stations locator

Interactive map, EV charging, electric vehicle charging stations, alternative fuel stations, level 1, level 2, DC fast charging

Fuel consumption ratings search tool

Search and compare, fuel-efficient vehicles, compare models, datasets for model years

Fuel Consumption Guide

Fuel-efficient vehicles, fuel consumption, compare models, rating guide.

Choosing the right vehicle

Buying a fuel-efficient vehicle, buying an electric vehicle, Fuel Consumption Guide, most fuel-efficient vehicles, understanding fuel consumption, fuel consumption testing, EnerGuide for vehicles, factors that affect fuel efficiency

Alternative fuels

Biofuels, propane, natural gas, ecoENERGY for Biofuels Program, ecoENERGY for Alternative Fuels.

Fuel-efficient driving

Fuel-efficient driving techniques, planning your trip, reduce idling, Auto$mart fuel-efficient driving training, register for Auto$mart training

Fuel efficiency for commercial transportation

FleetSmart fuel-efficiency fleet management, commercial driver fuel-efficiency training, SmartWay fuel-efficient freight transportation, SmartWay partners, SmartWay affiliates, SmartWay tools and resources, Green Freight Assessment Program, fleet operations assessment, financial contributions, heavy-duty fleets, supply chain