Green Freight Assessment Program

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The Green Freight Assessment Program is now accepting applications under Phase 1. Applications will be evaluated by a first come first serve basis. Applicants of successful projects will be notified by email within 30-days of project submission.

In 2016, heavy-duty vehicles accounted for 37% of Canada’s transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions and 9% of the total country’s emissions. Canada is identifying pathways for reducing emissions from on-road freight while ensuring the competitiveness of the transportation sector. A key part of these reductions will be obtained from HDV fleets implementing operational best practices, adopting newer technologies and purchasing alternatively fuelled vehicles.

Through the Green Freight Assessment Program (GFAP), the Government of Canada is investing $3.4M over four years to help companies receive a third-party green freight assessment, and improve a fleet’s efficiency by implementing the recommendations outlined in their assessment. This is done through two phases: Green Freight Assessments and Green Freight Implementation.

Significant progress has been made in addressing the barriers companies face when deciding how to implement emission-reducing strategies. We are encouraged by the strong partnerships with industry and our provincial counterparts and look forward to building and facilitating new strategic partnerships.

In 2018, through the Green Freight Assessment phase, the Program provided contributions towards the assessment of 2000 trucks. Additionally, through the Green Freight Implementation phase, the Program supported the implementation of 250 fuel-reduction activities, as well as the purchase of seven natural gas heavy-duty vehicles, helping companies switch to lower carbon trucks.



The Green Freight Assessment Program (GFAP) is designed with Canadian fleets in mind! Industry consultations have identified financial challenges and lack of information as the main barrier for implementing emission-reducing strategies. GFAP will help companies eliminate these barriers and to encourage informed decisions specific to their operations.

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