How to apply

How to apply
  Green Freight Assessment Project Green Freight Implementation Project
What is the project? Applications to fund a third-party firm to conduct fleet energy assessment. Proposal requesting funding to implement third-party assessment recommendations.
What is the application process?
  • Review the Application Guide for instructions on how to apply
  • Choose an assessor
  • Review the Assessment Expectation Outline to learn what you can expect from your assessment
  • Contact and receive a quote from a chosen Energy Assessor
  • Complete the Application form
  • Have a third-party fleet assessment conducted that includes recommendations for investments you wish to make.
  • Send an e-mail to request the application package containing the application guide and application form.
  • Obtain the required quotes from your supplier of choice for the investments you are considering.
  • E-mail the complete Application Form ensuring all information and requested documents are included.
When is the deadline to apply? The request for proposals is now closed The request for proposals is now closed.
When can I expect to hear back from the Program? Projects will be selected on a first-come-first-serve basis. The Program will fully assess the complete proposals and provide a status update within 5 business days. The Program will fully assess the completed proposals and an evaluation committee will determine which projects will be offered funding. These funding decisions can be expected by February 2020.

Note: Work may not begin, and costs cannot be incurred, for each phase until a contribution agreement has been signed by all parties.

After you apply

Once an application has been submitted, an acknowledgement notice will be forwarded to the applicant. An applicant should not consider their application as submitted to the Program until they receive the acknowledgement notice.

Proposal Review, Due Diligence Process, Selection and Notification

Applications will undergo a due diligence assessment, which could include a confirmation of the specifics provided in the project proposal. Natural Resources Canada may request that the Applicant provide clarification to support the due diligence assessment.

Final selection decision remains the sole discretion of Natural Resources Canada.

Following the selection, both successful and unsuccessful Applicants will be notified, and unsuccessful Applicants will be offered the opportunity to receive formal feedback on the review of their project proposal.


Successful Applicants will be notified through a Letter of Conditional Approval and will be invited to begin negotiating a contribution agreement. However, this letter does not imply eligibility for expenses incurred. The expenditures incurred between the receipt of the Letter of Conditional Approval and the date on which a contribution agreement is signed by Canada fall outside of the eligible expenditures period; although they may count towards total project costs, they are not eligible for reimbursement by Natural Resources Canada. It is important to consult with Natural Resources Canada during this period prior to incurring expenditures.