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Winners’ profiles—2018

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2018 ENERGY STAR® Canada Awards
ENERGY STAR awards for products

Sustained excellence—2018

All Weather Windows

All Weather Windows is Canada's largest privately-owned window and door manufacturer. With solution centres in eight cities, 800 dealers across the country, and a leading-edge manufacturing plant in Edmonton, the company produces a full range of energy efficient and sustainable window and door products built for Canadian weather. Energy efficiency is central to All Weather Windows’ business plan and its brand; in fact, its entire 196,000 product models are ENERGY STAR certified! Their leadership team actively participates on energy efficiency boards and councils to ensure the continued growth and success of the ENERGY STAR brand in Canada.

Key 2017 accomplishments include:

  • In April, All Weather Windows co-hosted the launch of the Energy Efficiency Alberta rebate program with the Alberta Government at their Edmonton corporate office alongside Environment Minister Shannon Phillips. All of their windows and installers qualify for the rebate program, helping Albertans save energy, save money and protect the planet.
  • All Weather Windows continues to refine their product offerings to either meet or exceed ENERGY STAR requirements. In 2017, they had 1,112 Most Efficient window models available compared to 428 window models in 2016 – a 39% increase!
  • They proudly act as a Brand Advocate, promoting ENERGY STAR products through all of their promotional channels.

This is All Weather Windows’s sixth ENERGY STAR Canada award: Windows and Doors Manufacturer of the Year (2010, 2011, 2012, 2015); Participant of the Year (2012); Sustained Excellence (2018).

Manufacturer of the year—appliances —2018
Manufacturer of the year—electronics—2018

Samsung Electronics Canada

Samsung is one of the world’s leading electronics companies with a reputation for innovation in consumer products such as digital appliances, televisions, smartphones, tablets, and virtual reality and wearable devices. Samsung views the ENERGY STAR program as a key partner in advancing energy efficiency. The company is focused on ensuring that its product line meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR technical specifications for all new models.

Key 2017 accomplishments include:

  • Increased market penetration of ENERGY STAR certified home appliances by 23 models, an increase of 19% from 2016, and an increase of 55% from 2015.
  • Participated in BC Hydro's campaign to raise consumer awareness of ENERGY STAR and energy efficiency products, resulting in almost 28M impressions on social media. This included donating an ENERGY STAR certified Family Hub Smart Fridge for a contest prize.
  • Continued to lead the TV market with an increased number of available ENERGY STAR certified models and 18% more than the closest competitor
  • Increased the presence of ENERGY STAR information and logos on their Canadian website by 16% for a total of 261 mentions, including placing ENERGY STAR certification information on each product page, and developing content on the benefits of buying ENERGY STAR.

These are Samsung Electronics Canada’s seventh and eighth ENERGY STAR Canada awards: Appliance Manufacturer of the Year (2017, 2018); Electronics Manufacturer of the Year (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018); “ENERGY STAR Most Efficient” Promoter of the Year 2015 (2016); Collaborative Initiative of the Year (2012).

Manufacturer of the year—commercial products—2018

QBD Cooling Systems Inc.

Established in 1981, QBD is Canada’s leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration products. The company is committed to creating energy efficient equipment that meet ENERGY STAR specifications, and that ultimately help end users reduce their energy bills, save money, and protect the planet.

Key 2017 accomplishments include:

  • 70% of QBD’s cooler models are ENERGY STAR certified, and they are working to 100% compliance through large investments in research and development.
  • Just under 100% of their 2017 product range was based on new hydrocarbon refrigerants which are 30%-40% more energy efficient than traditional R134a coolers.
  • Extensive promotion of their ENERGY STAR certified Hydrocarbon series coolers, accompanied by training of 530 users and field technicians.

This is QBD Cooling System’s second ENERGY STAR Canada award: Commercial Products Manufacturer of the Year (2017, 2018)

Manufacturer of the year—fenestration products—2018

JELD-WEN of Canada

The Canadian operation of this international window and door manufacturer has four manufacturing facilities, two distribution centres and three design centres across the country, with sales in every province. JELD-WEN of Canada has a strong commitment to ENERGY STAR as an integral part of its culture. The company continues to grow its product lines to offer a diverse array of ENERGY STAR certified products.

Key 2017 accomplishments include:

  • Focused on promoting ENERGY STAR Most Efficient windows, which positively impacted the sale of Most Efficient products in the marketplace and further highlighted the ENERGY STAR brand
  • Modelled energy-efficient home packages for major national and regional builders to show them the advantages of using ENERGY STAR Most Efficient windows.
  • Supported homebuilder education and training by sponsoring EnerQuality’s “ENERGY STAR for New Homes” training throughout Ontario.
  • Developed and implemented a “Tri it for Free” promotional campaign aimed at upgrading consumers from ENERGY STAR certified windows to ENERGY STAR Most Efficient windows by focusing on the added benefits, such as comfort and greater condensation resistance.
  • Promoted the ENERGY STAR brand in trade and industry publications which amounted to over 1 400 000 impressions across Canada.
  • Promoted the ENERGY STAR brand on a newly relaunched website including videos and blog content, and on social media with 17,000+ followers.
  • Provided ENERGY STAR Most Efficient windows for a Natural Resources Canada research project, about building envelope retrofits to help meet the objectives of the Pan-Canadian Framework for Clean Growth and Climate Change.

This is JELD-WEN of Canada’s seventh ENERGY STAR Canada award: Windows and Doors Manufacturer of the Year (2012, 2016, 2017, 2018); Sustained Excellence (2010); Participant of the Year (2009); Promotional Campaign of the Year—Specific Product (2006).

Manufacturer of the Year—Heating and cooling equipment—2018


Founded in Toronto in 2007, ecobee Inc. introduced the world’s first smart Wi-Fi thermostat to help millions of consumers live better and save more. The company’s mission is to create smarter devices that are beautifully designed, easy to use and provide savings for families, while being good for our planet. With room sensor technology, built-in Amazon Alexa voice service, far-field voice recognition, and a wide array of smart home integrations, ecobee combines smart home technology and voice to help customers manage their home’s comfort, energy and busy lives.

Key 2017 accomplishments include:

  • Led the smart thermostat category by becoming the world’s first smart thermostat brand to have a full suite of products that are ENERGY STAR certified.
  • Donated ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostat to Toronto Community Housing, allowing residents to control the temperature in their own homes for the first time.
  • Partnered with provincial governments to implement two rebate and direct-install programs (led by GreenON Fund and Energy Efficiency Alberta), accelerating the implementation of energy saving smart thermostats across Canada.

This is ecobee’s first ENERGY STAR Canada award. Congratulations!

Manufacturer of the year—lighting—2018

L’Image Home Products Inc.

Montréal-based L’Image Home Products designs, develops, and manufactures a wide range of lighting products and brings affordable, energy-efficient lighting products to a variety of retail channels across North America. L’Image is committed to the mass adoption of LED lighting, particularly ENERGY STAR certified LEDs.

Key 2017 accomplishments include:

  • Launched the ENERGY STAR certified wave-activated under cabinet LED light to the Canadian market, for which they received an honourable mention from the “Lighting for Tomorrow” competition (organized by the American Lighting Association (ALA), the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) and UL).
  • Partnered with Canada’s largest Club retailer to bring to market the wave-activated cabinet light, and partnered with energy efficiency program administrators to provide rebates on ENERGY STAR certified products in Club stores across the country.
  • Shipped tens of thousands of ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs to energy efficiency partner Just Energy.
  • Helped raise ENERGY STAR brand awareness on social media among 4,000+ followers through regular organic content about energy efficiency and amplifying ENERGY STAR Canada content, and through five videos with ENERGY STAR references.
  • Developed point-of-purchase displays to raise the visibility of the ENERGY STAR brand and increase sales of ENERGY STAR certified products.

This is L’Image Home Products’ second ENERGY STAR Canada award: Lighting Manufacturer of the Year (2016, 2018).

Retailer of the year—national—2018

The Home Depot Canada

The Home Depot Canada, one of the country’s biggest home improvement retailers has 182 stores across the country. Through its commitment to sustainability, the company recognizes ENERGY STAR as a trusted brand whose familiar symbol lends credibility to the store’s energy-efficient products.

Key 2017 accomplishments include:

  • Worked with vendors and utilities to make energy efficient products more affordable, including issuing millions in rebates to customers, primarily on ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs.
  • Worked with vendors and utilities to drive the uptake of energy efficient home renovations, including partnering with BC Hydro and topping up their ENERGY STAR certified heat pump offer, thereby increasing the uptake of BC Hydro’s program.
  • Collaborated with Energy Efficiency Alberta to drive their Home Improvement Rebate program, which includes ENERGY STAR certified triple pane, low-e argon windows.
  • Engaged customers on energy efficiency, including hosting 859 events that educated customers and encouraged them to buy ENERGY STAR certified products.

This is The Home Depot Canada’s tenth ENERGY STAR Canada award: National Retailer of the Year (2004, 2006, 2007, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018); Sustained Excellence (2012); Advocate of the Year (2005).

Retailer of the year—regional—2018

GEM Windows & Doors

Founded in 1961, Toronto-based GEM differentiates itself by focusing on ENERGY STAR certified products, providing personalized service and professional installations, featuring innovative energy efficient products, and by protecting the planet along the way. GEM has instituted a long-term commitment to support the ENERGY STAR program and increase brand awareness in Canada.

Key 2017 accomplishments include:

  • Focused on providing ENERGY STAR Most Efficient products at better prices, they partnered with a forward-thinking Canadian windows manufacturer to develop new high efficiency vertical and horizontal sliding window systems.
  • Assembled one of the largest selection of ENERGY STAR certified window and door lines in Canada with seven listed window manufacturers and three listed door manufacturers.
  • Maintained a high visibility lit digital billboard on The Queensway (a major thoroughfare in western Toronto / eastern Mississauga where traffic is 65,000 to 70,000 weekly), as well as a permanent sign promoting ENERY STAR at the showroom entrance. They also utilize the ENERY STAR logo throughout the showroom and online.

This is GEM Windows & Doors’ first ENERGY STAR Canada award. Congratulations!

Utility of the year—provincial—2018

Énergie NB Power

Énergie NB Power is the primary electric utility in New Brunswick and was established in 1920. They serve over 400,000 customers with safe, reliable and efficient electricity. They are focused on promoting the efficient use of energy in customers’ homes and businesses by enabling and providing new, value-added, energy efficient solutions that also reduce carbon, better integrate renewable energy and stimulate the economy.

Key 2017 accomplishments include:

  • A successful ENERGY STAR Day promotion and contest on social media that reached 310,000, involving a draw for an ENERGY STAR certified TV, as well as an internal promotion of ENERGY STAR Day with employees.
  • Active and timely promotion of the ENERGY STAR brand through regular energy savings tips on our Home Energy Report, sent to 125,000 households in New Brunswick and the accompanying online portal which is accessible to all NB Power residential customers.
  • Two successful product rebate promotions that promoted the sale of ENERGY STAR certified LED lighting products (among others), including in-store ENERGY STAR signage in 90 retail stores.
  • Ten in-store events to promote ENERGY STAR certified product rebate campaign and lighting products.
  • Broad and consistent reach in social media promoting the ENERGY STAR brand and ENERGY STAR certified products.

This is Énergie NB Power’s third ENERGY STAR Canada award: Promotional Campaign of the Year (2016); Social Media Campaign of the Year (2016); Provincial Utility of the Year (2018)

Utility of the year—regional—2018

Hydro One Remote Communities Inc.

Hydro One Remote Communities Inc. (Hydro One Remotes) is a subsidiary of Hydro One Inc. that generates and distributes electricity within 21 isolated communities in northern Ontario. Of these communities, 15 are First Nations and 13 are air access only. Hydro One Remotes proudly serves 3,600 customers. Hydro One Remotes is registered to ISO14001: 2015 standards and is committed to protecting the environment.

Key 2017 accomplishments include:

  • Developed in 2014, Hydro One Remotes offers a Mail-in Rebate Program to all customers within its service territory, promoting the purchase of ENERGY STAR certified appliances.
  • Increased the number of successful applications by 73% (over 2016) by including the application form, program rules, and reminders with monthly bills, thereby allowing more customers to take advantage of the program.
  • Issued almost $10,000 in rebate cheques ($22,850 in rebates since 2014).
  • Added ENERGY STAR certified clothes dryers to the list of eligible ENERGY STAR certified appliances, which already included fridges, freezers, dishwashers, dehumidifiers, washers, fans and LED bulbs.
  • The team also promoted the program with other groups who work directly with housing staff in the First Nations communities Hydro One Remotes serves, including Tribal Councils, consultants and government agencies such as the Department of Indigenous Services Canada.

This is Hydro One Remotes’ first ENERGY STAR Canada award. Bravo!

Energy Efficiency Program Administrator of the Year—2018

Yukon Government - Energy Branch

Through the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources’ Energy Branch, the Government of Yukon runs the successful “Good Energy Rebate Program”, dedicating to promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy systems in Yukon homes and businesses. The program was established in 2007 and has played a significant role in promoting the purchase of energy efficient ENERGY STAR appliances and in reducing Yukon residential electrical loads.

Key 2017 accomplishments include:

  • Multiple visits to 81% of Yukon communities (13/16 communities) to engage in community energy planning and promote energy efficiency measures through Good Energy and ENERGY STAR appliances and systems.
  • 1,231 rebates for ENERGY STAR certified home appliances (clothes washers, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers and ventless dryers) for a total rebate amount of $123,647.
  • 199 rebates for ENERGY STAR certified heating systems (propane and oil furnaces, propane boilers and air source heat pumps) for a total rebate amount of $92,072.
  • 167 rebates for ENERGY STAR Zone 3-certified windows for a total rebate amount of $88,500.
  • 19 rebates for ENERGY STAR / DLC certified lighting upgrades for commercial buildings for a total rebate amount of $18,845.

This is the Government of Yukon’s second ENERGY STAR Canada award: Utility Energy Efficiency Program of the Year (2018); Provincial/Territorial Government Organization of the Year (2003).

Advocate of the year—2018


The Government of Prince Edward Island founded efficiencyPEI in 2008 in an effort to increase energy efficiency across the province. The organizations is committed to providing Islanders with advice and programs that will promote sustainable energy use and reinforce the importance of sound energy management for the economic, social and environmental well being of Island residents and businesses.

Key 2017 accomplishments include:

  • Distributed ENERGY STAR certified LED light bulbs to over 600 low-income residents across PEI.
  • Provided rebates to over 600 clients for ENERGY STAR Most Efficient products.
  • Promoted the use of ENERGY STAR certified products through 50+ comprehensive New Home Consultations.
  • Launched a Home Energy Audit Program that promotes the use of ENERGY STAR certified products.
  • Increased the available rebate on ENERGY STAR Zone 3 certified windows from $50 to $75, making these windows more accessible to Islanders.

This is efficiencyPEI’s first ENERGY STAR Canada award. Congratulations!

Promoter of the year: ENERGY STAR Most Efficient—2018


Founded in 1925, Rheem is the only manufacturer in the world that produces heating, cooling, water heating, pool/spa heating and commercial refrigeration products, and it is the largest manufacturer of water heating products in North America. Rheem is continually striving to offer the highest efficiency residential & commercial heating, cooling and water heating equipment to Canadian consumers.

Key 2017 accomplishments include:

  • Introduced an “ENERGY STAR Most Efficient” gas furnace with a rating of 98% annual fuel utilization efficiency, or AFUE (Prestige Series R98V Upflow EcoNet enabled modulating gas furnace).
  • Worked with 100+ retailers across Canada on in-store displays that feature the ENERGY STAR logo.
  • Trained 2,000 through technical and product sales presentations, including how to properly install ENERGY STAR certified Rheem HVAC equipment.
  • Supported tradesperson training through the donation of ENERGY STAR certified equipment to Canadian high schools and colleges.

This is Rheem’s second ENERGY STAR Canada award: Heating & Cooling Manufacturer of the Year (2017); ENERGY STAR “Most Efficient” Promoter of the Year (2018).

Promotional campaign of the year—2018

Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro is the province’s major energy utility, providing service to more than 567,000 electricity and 275,000 natural gas customers. The utility says that promoting ENERGY STAR certified products is critical to its energy conservation and sustainability goals. Manitoba Hydro is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for their impactful “Power Smart Bill Credit Rebate” campaigns.

Key 2017 accomplishments include:

  • Rebated 8,727 energy efficient products, achieving cumulative gas savings of 275,986 cu.m. and electric savings of 1.34 GW.h
  • Introduced ENERGY STAR as the eligible criteria for energy efficient clothes washers and dryers and expanded the scope of eligible products to include ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostats, the newest ENERGY STAR product category. Also incented a range of ENERGY STAR Most Efficient products, helping to push market transformation in Manitoba.
  • Partnered with five retailers and manufacturers to advertise ENERGY STAR and ENERGY STAR certified products on websites and online flyers.
  • Garnered 384,028 impressions on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Promoted the campaign with a fulsome range of tactics, including radio, newspaper, direct mail, transit shelter advertising, billboards, elevator posters, and point of purchase information.
  • Most materials used the ENERGY STAR logo and mentioned ENERGY STAR as qualification criteria, and were used by Manitoba Hydro and retail partners alike. Particular focus was placed on messaging around “Why buy ENERGY STAR”.
  • Trained sales reps on the benefits of ENERGY STAR certified washers, dryers, fridges and smart thermostats, which was communicated directly to customers at in-store events and consumer shows

This is Manitoba Hydro’s eighth ENERGY STAR Canada award: Promotional Campaign of the Year (2005, 2015, 2017, 2018); Provincial Utility of the Year (2006, 2016, 2017); Participant of the Year (2010).

Recruit of the year—2018

Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Foodservice (LEAF)

Victoria-based LEAF was established in 2009 with a goal to grow as the national Canadian leader in sustainable foodservice standards. They provide environmentally conscious knowledge, sustainable tools, and in-person support that ensure the success of each business they work with. Through the LEAF certification process, the LEAF team helps reduce environmental impact by targeting energy, water, and waste reduction. They promote community partnerships and farm-to-table concepts, while also increasing awareness and support of green restaurants across Canada.

Key 2017 accomplishments include:

  • The energy section of the LEAF criteria is one of the most heavily weighted, and using ENERGY STAR certified equipment significantly helps restaurants reach the amount of points required for certification.
  • To be granted “Level 3 LEAF Certified”, which is the highest level, at least 60% of a restaurant’s equipment must be ENERGY STAR certified.
  • In June 2017, LEAF announced their first annual LEAF Awards competition. ENERGY STAR was part of the evaluation criteria for the awards, which were presented at the 2018 Restaurants Canada Show in February in Toronto, ON.

This is Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Foodservice’s first ENERGY STAR Canada award. Bravo!

ENERGY STAR awards for New Homes

Builder of the year—Mid-size—2018
Promotional excellence—2018

Arista Homes Limited

Arista Homes is an award winning builder in the Greater Toronto Area, that has demonstrated excellence in building and promoting ENERGY STAR certified homes under the ENERGY STAR for New Homes program. They have embraced a corporate philosophy that is predicated on building the best possible homes for their clients, being environmentally conscious and raising awareness of ENERGY STAR certified homes. Arista Homes has been an active champion of the program building over 900 certified homes since 2008.

Noteworthy activities and accomplishments in 2017:

  • Built over 75 certified homes in Ontario with a commitment to quality assurance, communication with trades personnel, and implementation of best practices to deliver the best possible homes.
  • Engaged in an ongoing education process with sales and technical staff, and trades. Education and awareness begins early in the design phase as building specifications are established; key construction and sales staff attend training courses, seminars, and design charrettes.
  • Successfully communicated the benefits and features of ENERGY STAR certified homes to homebuyers through educational sessions provided by the Arista Academy, by the Arista ENERGY STAR Room, which was built to educate homebuyers, and through a variety of promotional channels.

This is Arista Homes’ second and third ENERGY STAR Canada Awards: Builder of the Year (2015); Mid-Size Builder of the Year (2018); New Homes Promotional Excellence (2018).

Builder of the Year—Small size—2018
Performance excellence—2018

Odessa Ventures

Odessa Ventures prides itself as a builder committed to craftsmanship, quality, and environmental stewardship. The company has demonstrated excellence and best practices in the ENERGY STAR for New Homes (ESNH) program by building high performing ENERGY STAR certified homes within the Fraser Valley region.

Noteworthy activities and accomplishments in 2017:

  • Built 14 ENERGY STAR certified new homes in B.C with a commitment to energy efficiency improvements beyond the ESNH Standard.
  • Successfully engaged their community by supporting University of the Fraser Valley students to expand their knowledge of building science.
  • Hosted an event with BC Hydro to educate 20 local builders about energy-efficient building practices.
  • Actively promoted the ESNH program through activities such as contributing to outreach materials for BC Hydro and BC Housing.

This is Odessa Ventures’ first and second ENERGY STAR Canada Awards: Small Builder of the Year (2018); New Homes Promotional Excellence (2018).

2017 Winners’ profiles — ENERGY STAR Awards

Previous winners 2016 to 2003 — ENERGY STAR Awards

The ENERGY STAR name and symbol are trademarks registered in Canada by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and are administered and promoted by Natural Resources Canada.

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