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Winners’ profiles—2019

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2019 ENERGY STAR® Canada Awards

ENERGY STAR awards for products

Sustained excellence—2019

Whirlpool Canada LP

Whirlpool, a global company, is the largest manufacturer and marketer of home appliances in Canada. Whirlpool Corporation has been committed to sustainability for almost 50 years. Whirlpool develops high-performance appliances that conserve the earth’s resources and help homeowners do the same. Driving product efficiency, eliminating high-impact greenhouse gases, and improving efficiency throughout operations as well as the supply chain is good for the environment and good for business. 

Key 2018 accomplishments include: 

  • Continued sales growth of ENERGY STAR certified products with more than a half million units sold.  
  • ENERGY STAR innovation includes new Whirlpool and Maytag wireless connected laundry, more efficient heat pump and condensing dryer configurations, all new connected appliances with mobile apps across all brands and categories and new dishwasher models.  
  • Whirlpool and Maytag “Appliance Finder” tool assisted more than 10,000 consumers to select efficient new products by including related ENERGY STAR and EnerGuide information.
  • Unprecedented website consumer page views of almost 20 million on Whirlpool brands’ websites.
  • Whirlpool’s new, B2B cloud-based e-portal delivered almost 95,000 marketing and training sessions to sales associates and marketers from almost 500 retailers that included energy efficiency information.
  • Whirlpool’s annual training roadshow was attended by over 3,500 sales associates featuring Whirlpool's new ENERGY STAR certified laundry products. 

This is Whirlpool Canada’s 14th ENERGY STAR Canada award: Sustained Excellence (2007, 2013 and 2019); Participant of the Year (2008); Manufacturer of the Year—Appliances (2003, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016).

Manufacturer of the year—appliances—2019

Samsung Electronics Canada

Samsung is one of the world’s leading electronics companies with a reputation for innovation in consumer products including digital appliances, televisions, smartphones, tablets, virtual reality and wearable devices. An ENERGY STAR Canada participant since 2003, Samsung is proud of its ENERGY STAR accomplishments and pleased to promote products as the most energy efficient options for consumers and businesses.

Key 2018 accomplishments include:

  • Increased market penetration of ENERGY STAR certified home appliances by 75 models, an increase of 7% over 2017, and an increase of 24% over 2016.
  • In addition to the increase in the number of certified models, Samsung increased the number of products certified as Most Efficient by 11%.
  • Created a series of YouTube ENERGY STAR consumer education videos that received almost 10,000 views.

This is Samsung Electronics Canada’s ninth ENERGY STAR Canada award: Appliance Manufacturer of the Year (2017, 2018 and 2019); Electronics Manufacturer of the Year (2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018); “ENERGY STAR Most Efficient” Promoter of the Year 2015 (2016); Collaborative Initiative of the Year (2012).

Manufacturer of the year—electronics—2019

Ricoh Canada Inc.

Ricoh is a global technology company that empowers digital workplaces using innovative technologies and services that enable individuals to work smarter. For more than 80 years, Ricoh has been driving innovation and is a leading provider of a wide array of ENERGY STAR certified products. Since 1976, Ricoh’s commitment to environmental conservation has been integrated into its manufacturing, logistics, product use and final disposal processes, and through technological innovations and collaborative efforts with suppliers, Ricoh is developing solutions that address conserving energy, reducing global warming and pollution, and resource conservation and recycling.

Key 2018 accomplishments include:

  • Increased social media and public relations interactions through promotional campaigns including participation in NRCan’s “12 Days of ENERGY STAR” holiday campaign.
  • Certified over 94 percent of its product models.
  • Launched Eco Excellence Program for Dealer partners in Canada where the benefits of ENERGY STAR products are promoted through a variety of customer facing collateral.
  • During the annual Global Ricoh Eco Action month held in June, over 2,000 Canadian Ricoh employees were encouraged to promote ENERGY STAR in e-mail correspondence, as well as through LinkedIn video posts referencing ENERGY STAR.
  • Issued joint press release with long-term renewable energy partner, Bullfrog Power, during Earth Week 2018, with ENERGY STAR promotion.

This is Ricoh Canada’s first ENERGY STAR Canada award.

Manufacturer of the year—commercial products—2019

True Refrigeration Canada

True Refrigeration is a leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration systems and kitchen restaurant equipment for food service establishments, supplying equipment to restaurants, food trucks, catering companies, bakeries and more for over 70 years. True is interested in leading the way to even greater energy efficiency and responsible manufacturing in the commercial refrigeration industry, including reducing its own carbon footprint and being committed to responsible and sustainable manufacturing.

Key 2018 accomplishments include:

  • An industry leader among ENERGY STAR Participants in Canada, True has 83 models and counting that are ENERGY STAR certified.
  • Increased the visibility and awareness of the ENERGY STAR symbol and its meaning through various face-to-face training opportunities, including event training, factory tour training and trade events, as well as with the additional exposure of digital and physical media and other marketing material.
  • Highlighted the value end-users place on the quality and efficiency associated with ENERGY STAR certification and demonstrated how it benefitted dealers.

This is True Refrigeration Canada’s first ENERGY STAR Canada award.

Manufacturer of the year—windows and doors—2019

Centennial Windows & Doors

Centennial Windows & Doors is a Canadian family owned and operated business that offers an end-to-end solution for replacement windows and doors. In London, Ontario, the company manufactures its own complete line of ENERGY STAR certified windows and doors. Centennial is best known for quality, integrity, innovation, and its commitment to promoting energy efficiency; which drives the company’s daily operations as well as its research and development processes as it works to improve the energy efficiency of customers’ homes and reduce their carbon footprints. 

Key 2018 accomplishments include:

  • 100% of Centennial’s window line (since 2003) is ENERGY STAR certified.
  • Increased the number of ENERGY STAR certified door systems by 124%.
  • 2018 Most Efficient: Achieved, listed, and actively commercialized a full window product line that either met or exceeded 2018 Most Efficient guidelines.
  • Promoted the ENERGY STAR brand through various traditional and new media channels resulting in over 20,000,000 consumer impressions.
  • Helped over 800 Ontario households increase their energy efficiency through the Green Ontario Rebate program.
  • Centennial’s leadership team continually partners with and contributes to fenestration industry associations and councils to further develop and promote energy efficiency in Canada.

This is Centennial Window & Doors’ fifth ENERGY STAR Canada award: Manufacturer of the Year-Window and Door (2004, 2014 and 2019); Retailer of the Year-Regional (2005); Sustained Excellence (2008).

Manufacturer of the Year—heating and cooling equipment—2019

Venmar Ventilation ULC

Founded in 1978, Venmar Ventilation ULC has pushed the limits of ventilation thanks to numerous investments in research and development and is a leader in improving indoor air quality in North America. Venmar is proud to provide the North American market with a complete range of products including whole-house air exchangers, range hoods and attic ventilators under multiple brands such as Broan, NuTone, Best, vänEE and Venmar, allowing revitalization of the whole house.

Key 2018 accomplishments include:

  • Lead the market penetration of ENERGY STAR certified residential heat/energy recovery ventilators by offering 60 models accounting for almost 40% of total market share.  Available models include some of the top 10 best-rated ENERGY STAR certified available.
  • Proudly acted as a brand advocate, promoting ENERGY STAR products through all of its promotional channels. ENERGY STAR products received over 30,000 page views of per month!
  • Trained over 400 HVAC professional contractors on the benefits of ENERGY STAR certified ventilation fans and residential heat/energy recovery ventilators.

This is Venmar Ventilation’s first ENERGY STAR Canada award.

Manufacturer of the year—lighting—2019

L’Image Home Products Inc.

Montréal-based L’Image Home Products designs, develops, and manufactures a wide range of lighting products with a view to bringing affordable, energy-efficient products to a variety of retail channels across North America. The year 2018 was a year of significant growth and change with a reinforced commitment to expand the product line to new, energy efficient products. ENERGY STAR remains central to the organization’s identity, facilitating discussions relating to efficiency and sustainability both internally and externally.

Key 2018 accomplishments include: 

  • Increased the number of ENERGY STAR models for sale in Canada by nearly triple over 2017.
  • Helped raise ENERGY STAR brand awareness on social media across various channels: through weekly posts/links and through partnership on several social media campaigns including NRCan’s “Light the Moment”, “12 Days of ENERGY STAR” and ENERGY STAR Day resulting in overall increased impressions and engagement by as much as 415% over 2017.
  • Promoted the brand at four industry events with in-booth brochures, products, and signage.
  • Partnered with a major national retailer and utilities in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia for ENERGY STAR spring/fall rebate programs.

This is L’Image Home Products’ third ENERGY STAR Canada award: Lighting Manufacturer of the Year (2016, 2018 and 2019).

Retailer of the year—national—2019

The Home Depot Canada

An ENERGY STAR Canada Participant since 2001, The Home Depot Canada is one of the country’s biggest home improvement retailers with 182 stores across the country. Through its commitment to sustainability, the company recognizes ENERGY STAR as a trusted brand whose familiar symbol lends credibility to the store’s energy-efficient products.

Key 2018 accomplishments include:

  • Worked with vendors and utility partners to increase uptake of ENERGY STAR® products through instant rebate programs as well as online rebate programs.
  • Hosted 647 events to educate customers on ENERGY STAR product options.
  • Hosted 82 utility events in collaboration with Home Depot's Home Services programs in British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta and New Brunswick, to educate customers on energy efficient home renovations including windows, furnaces and more.
  • Installed over thousands of ENERGY STAR 2017 Most Efficient certified windows, through a strong partnership with the Green ON program.
  • Completed a full online audit of all products, logos and language used in relation to ENERGY STAR to ensure compliance with ENERGY STAR brand guidelines. 

This is The Home Depot Canada’s eleventh ENERGY STAR Canada award: National Retailer of the Year (2004, 2006, 2007, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019); Sustained Excellence (2012); Advocate of the Year (2005).

Retailer of the year—regional—2019

GEM Windows & Doors

Founded in 1961, Toronto-based GEM Windows & Doors differentiates itself by focusing on ENERGY STAR certified products, providing personalized service and professional installations, and featuring innovative energy efficient products. Because of its concern for climate change, GEM maintains a long-term commitment to support the ENERGY STAR program and increase brand awareness of ENERGY STAR in Canada.

Key 2018 accomplishments include:

  • Development of a unique educational presentation to demonstrate the benefits of better performing, ENERGY STAR certified windows.
  • Assembled one of the largest selection of ENERGY STAR certified window and door lines in Canada with seven listed window manufacturers and three listed door manufacturers.
  • Maintained a highly visible lit digital billboard on The Queensway (a major thoroughfare in western Toronto / eastern Mississauga where traffic is 65,000 to 70,000 vehicles weekly) with a promotion that included the ENERGY STAR logo.
  • Installed a permanent sign promoting ENERGY STAR at the showroom entrance and Increased the use of the ENERY STAR logo throughout the showroom and online.
  • Integrated much of its marketing with the ENERGY STAR message.

This is GEM Window & Doors’ second ENERGY STAR Canada award: Retailer of the Year - Regional (2018 and 2019).

Utility of the year—2019

Hydro One Networks Inc.

Hydro One Networks Inc. is a fully owned subsidiary of Hydro One Limited. It is Ontario's largest electricity transmission and distribution provider, delivering electricity to homes, farms, and businesses via a network of 123,000 kilometers of wires serving almost 1.4 million customers. Hydro One’s sustainability report outlines their commitment to being part of the solution in the fight against climate change and in building a low-carbon economy by delivering electricity that is among the cleanest, safest and most reliable in North America.

Key 2018 accomplishments include:

  • Delivered 1,466 ENERGY STAR appliances and 24,007 LED light bulbs to a niche audience of First Nations customers through the First Nations Conservation Program (FNCP), achieving energy savings of 3.4 GWh.
  • Promoted ENERGY STAR brand to almost 1.4 million residential customers and drove sales of 5.1 million ENERGY STAR certified products during Spring and Fall 2018 Deal Days.
  • Featured ENERGY STAR light fixtures, LED bulbs and HVAC equipment in 887,366 booklets and 994,050 bill inserts delivered to customers during Fall Deal Days alone.
  • Engaged 1.1 million customers via radio ads and over 400,000 via email (with a 57% open rate) in Fall 2018.
  • Interacted with 24,562 customers about the benefits of ENERGY STAR at over 100 Deal Days events. These face-to-face interactions took place at retailers across Ontario like Canadian Tire, Lowe's and the Home Depot.

This is the second ENERGY STAR Canada award for Hydro One Networks. It won the Utility of the year, regional category, in 2017 and 2019.

Energy efficiency program administrator of the year—2019


The Government of Prince Edward Island founded efficiencyPEI in 2008 in an effort to increase energy efficiency across the province. The organization is committed to providing Islanders with advice and programs that will promote sustainable energy use and reinforce the importance of sound energy management for the economic, social and environmental well-being of Island residents and businesses.

Key 2018 accomplishments include:

  • Partnered with the Department of Family and Human Services to deliver whole home retrofits (which include ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs and other certified products where identified by an audit) to 360 low-income clients free of charge.
  • Increased the rebate on ENERGY STAR certified Air Source Heat Pumps from $500 to $1200, spurring an increase of over 400% in program uptake over 2017.
  • Launched a New Home Construction Program promoting the ENERGY STAR for New Homes standard. 123 clients completed Plans Evaluations through this program, with some 30 having already started construction in 2018.
  •  Provided 716 clients with Home Energy Audits, which promote the use of ENERGY STAR certified products.
  • Launched and executed an Instant Savings campaign which provided 29,500 in-store rebates on ENERGY STAR certified products such as lighting, appliances and smart thermostats.

This is efficiencyPEI’s second ENERGY STAR Canada award : Energy efficiency program (2019); Advocate of the year (2018).

Advocate of the year—2019

Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care

The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care (CCGHC) traces its roots back to 2000 when 27 representatives from some of Canada’s largest health care associations and environmental groups met to discuss environmental education. Since then, the Coalition and its member groups have had a significant impact upon the greening of the Canadian health care landscape and have been involved in a very wide variety of local, provincial and national initiatives.

Key 2018 accomplishments include: 

  • Extensively promoted the benefits of ENERGY STAR and its certified products to Canadians and to its international readership via its Canadian Green Health Care Digest (reaching 4500 per issue), national and provincial conferences and trade shows, webinars, teleconferences, stakeholder events, and in all outreach and training via multiple avenues.
  • Maintained strong partnerships with various healthcare associations that in turn feature ENERGY STAR in their communication materials.
  • Made ENERGY STAR product recommendations in all building energy assessments conducted for Ontario health care facilities.
  • The Coalition provided Building Operator Certification Training, which encourages adoption of high efficient products among other energy efficient improvement measures, for the first time in a remote northern community, producing six First Nation’s graduates – a Canadian first.
  • The Coalition has noted that since its inception, ENERGY STAR certified products are far more prevalent in discussions, and are being sought out by a growing number of energy and facility managers as well as other stakeholders.

This is the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care’s third ENERGY STAR Canada award: Advocate of the Year (2015, 2017 and 2019).

Promoter of the year: ENERGY STAR Most Efficient—2019

Daikin Industries, Ltd.

Daikin Industries, Ltd. (DIL), a Fortune 1000 company with more than 70,000 employees worldwide, is recognized as the largest heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) manufacturer in North America and worldwide. Daikin North America LLC (DNA) is a subsidiary of Daikin Industries, Ltd., dedicated to developing advanced technologies that enhance home or commercial spaces’ comfort, while contributing to lower energy usage. Daikin technology – including Energy-Intelligent technology systems, VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) and inverter compressors – is creating more comfortable, energy-efficient indoor environments in millions of homes, offices and industrial facilities across the globe.

Key 2018 accomplishments include:

  • Fostered market penetration of ENERGY STAR Most Efficient air conditioners and heat pumps with a 134% increase in recognized models from 2017 to 2018.
  • Offered high efficiency, inverter driven air conditioners and heat pumps across a variety of applications (ducted and ductless), thereby giving both contractors and consumers several choices for aesthetics and applications. 
  • Continued to promote the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2018 designation to its customers through product literature and websites while simultaneously increasing its portfolio of recognized ducted models significantly.

This is Daikin Industries’ first ENERGY STAR Canada award.

Promotional campaign of the year—2019


Founded in 1925, Rheem produces heating, cooling, water heating, pool/spa heating and commercial refrigeration products, and is the largest manufacturer of water heating products in North America. From industry-leading technologies to next-generation energy efficiencies, Rheem has been a pioneer in developing some of the most innovative advancements in heating, cooling and water heating. Rheem is committed to improving its products and processes to reduce the impact on the environment, which is why Rheem continually strives to offer ENERGY STAR certified residential & commercial heating, cooling and water heating equipment to consumers.

Key 2018 accomplishments include:

  • Product launch and promotional campaign for the ENERGY STAR certified Rheem® TRITON™ EcoNet WiFi/BACnet energy management enabled commercial water heater, with a rating of 98% thermal efficiency. It provides full condensing technology matched with energy management control from the Rheem App on Apple/Android devices.
  • Product launch and promotional campaign for the ENERGY STAR certified A17 series (non-communicating) central air conditioner, which allows for use with standard TXV coils. 
  • Rheem prominently featured the ENERGY STAR brand in product literature, product videos and displays, and offered consumers a separate ENERGY STAR Products webpage.
  • Rheem made use of its exclusive ENERGY STAR Canada Participant Award winner logos from previous years in a creative promotional campaign to further demonstrate its commitment to the program and highlight brand value to consumers.

This is Rheem’s third ENERGY STAR Canada award: Heating & Cooling Manufacturer of the Year (2017); ENERGY STAR “Most Efficient” Promoter of the Year (2018); Promotional Campaign of the year (2019).

Recruit of the year—2019

HP Canada

HP is a global technology company offering a broad portfolio of products and solutions for customers with the goal of Making Life Better for Everyone, Everywhere. HP has been a sustainability leader for decades, transforming its entire business model to drive a more efficient, circular, and low-carbon economy. As “Canada’s Most Sustainable Technology Company”, HP is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of its products while having a positive impact on planet, people, and community.

Key 2018 accomplishments include:

  • Approximately 800 ENERGY STAR product available for sale in Canada in 2018; over 90% of total products.
  • Trained new hires in Canada on ENERGY STAR certification and existing employees trained via monthly webcasts and online courses, supplemented by internal messaging and ENERGY STAR specific sales brochures.
  • Educated users about the importance of energy efficiency, power management, and the ENERGY STAR program in every product user guide supplied electronically with all products.
  • Helped raise ENERGY STAR brand awareness on social media through various campaigns including NRCan’s “12 Days of ENERGY STAR” holiday campaign resulting in a significant increase in the number of ENERGY STAR Canada followers.
  • HP’s 2018 Sustainable Impact Report outlines the percentage of ENERGY STAR certified products in HP’s portfolio, provides detailed information on certified products, and highlights the importance of the ENERGY STAR program and HP’s participation.

This is HP Canada’s first ENERGY STAR Canada Award.

Recruit of the year—2019

Restaurants Canada

Restaurants Canada (formerly CRFA) is a national not-for-profit organization representing over 30,000 businesses in the foodservice sector. Founded in 1944, the organization has undergone changes over the years, but its mission has remained the same: Uniting members to advance the full potential of Canada’s foodservice industry.

Every year Restaurants Canada hosts the country’s largest foodservice and hospitality trade show: the RC Show, featuring workshops and seminars and bringing together over 1,000 exhibitors. As a part of the organization’s increasing efforts to educate the foodservice industry on energy efficiency, they chose to make the show’s focus this year on sustainability – a topic of increasing interest for the foodservice community.

Key 2018 accomplishments include:

  • Launching a “Foodservice Energy Challenge”, aimed at encouraging foodservice businesses to adopt ENERGY STAR certified products and other energy efficiency measures to save energy and money.
  • Promoting ENERGY STAR and the Foodservice Energy Challenge in several issues of MENU magazine (which has a readership of about 66,000), on the Restaurants Canada website and through the association’s e-newsletter, blog and social media channels.
  • Showcasing an Eco Pavilion at the 2018 and 2019 trade shows, featuring ENERGY STAR among products, services and initiatives focused on sustainability; such as LEAF (Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Foodservice) certification and IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator) energy efficiency programs. 

This is Restaurant Canada’s first ENERGY STAR Canada Award.

Special recognition—2019

Veritas Technologies LLC

Veritas has received the ENERGY STAR Canada Special Recognition Award for excellence in energy efficiency and sustainability. As an ENERGY STAR participant, one of Veritas’ product energy-efficiency goals is to qualify new products to ENERGY STAR program criteria. The company has established a process to ensure all new products scheduled to launch will meet ENERGY STAR certification requirements.

Key 2018 accomplishments include: 

  • Certified 100% of its hardware products to ENERGY STAR specifications.
  • Launched a new concept in delivering enterprise data protection services based on container technology – using up to 68% less energy and 79% less space over standard models.
  • Introduced new product packaging for all product categories with an environmentally friendly look, including the ENERGY STAR logo.
  • Featured energy-saving and eco-friendly practices employees could initiate at work and in their homes.
  • Developed a new Supply Chain Sustainability webpage that details the ENERGY STAR program as well as the organization’s commitment to developing energy efficient products.

This is Veritas Technologies’ first ENERGY STAR Canada Award.

ENERGY STAR awards for New Homes

Builder of the year— Small size—2019

Naikoon Contracting Ltd.

Naikoon Contracting Ltd. prides itself as a builder committed to quality and environmental stewardship. The company has demonstrated industry excellence and the use of best practices by building ENERGY STAR certified homes.

Noteworthy activities and accomplishments in 2018:

  • Actively promoted the ENERGY STAR for New Homes (ESNH) program through promotional materials and activities such as signage, as well as multiple social media platforms.
  • Built 6 ENERGY STAR certified new homes within the Vancouver region with a commitment to energy efficiency improvements beyond the ESNH Standard.

This is Naikoon Contracting Ltd.’s first ENERGY STAR award.

Builder of the year—Mid-size—2019

Doug Tarry Homes

Doug Tarry Homes has been committed to their customers in St. Thomas, Ontario and the surrounding areas since 1954. They proudly build with the environment and the community in mind. Every Doug Tarry Home is built to exceed ENERGY STAR requirements and are Net Zero Ready with an option to complete to Net Zero.

Noteworthy activities and accomplishments in 2018:

  • Began including a new Window Comfort Package with each standard home, which includes triple glazed low E ENERGY STAR windows.
  • Explored a new product to help better seal the house and reduce the Air Changes per Hour (ACH) score for the blower door test.
  • Launched an 8-part series on social media called Understanding Humidity in your Home, which shared strategies for dealing with household humidity to improve a home’s performance.
  • Received many accolades, such as awards and recognitions, from their community and the building industry.

This is Doug Tarry Homes’ first ENERGY STAR award.

Builder of the year—Large size—2019
Promotional excellence—2019


For over 30 years, Activa has been a leading land developer and home builder in the Waterloo Region, committed to creating spaces where families and individuals can thrive. Their corporate philosophy includes looking to the future to ensure they are building homes that enrich the lives of their homeowners. Every Activa qualifying home includes their new ENERGY STAR building package to create a high-performing, highly-airtight home that is better for the environment and more comfortable for its homeowners. Activa’s commitment to ENERGY STAR includes not only better building practices, but also ongoing training for their staff and trades, as well as promoting educational content to its audiences and homeowners.

Noteworthy activities and accomplishments in 2018:

  • Built almost 400 ENERGY STAR houses, over five times more than in 2017.
  • Trained over 40 tradespeople, in addition to their staff, about their ENERGY STAR building package (in collaboration with Union Gas’ Discovery Home program and Building Knowledge Canada).
  • Featured the ENERGY STAR logo and information on promotional materials, video, model homes, sales office and more.

These are Activa’s first ENERGY STAR awards.

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The ENERGY STAR name and symbol are trademarks registered in Canada by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and are administered and promoted by Natural Resources Canada.

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